1. Around 2:30 they lose me. No shit controlled substances feel good. Thats why they need to be controlled so fewer morons kill themselves for a buzz. Nobody wants to drip mercury into their eyeballs, everyone wants morphine. No hate, just that Joe and guest get a little lost sometimes.

  2. but it was a result of 'THIS DRUG' because the 'DRUG' is badly extracted desomorphine, you stupid fucking wanna-be know it all cunt. FFS. It wasn't 'false reporting' because SHITLOAD of super poor russians got into it because you can extract it from over the counter codeine (which is legal over there). So yeah no, once again a know it all american idiot gets it completely wrong

  3. Pain is the root of all addiction. However not every person in pain uses drugs and not everyone who used drugs are addicts. The addicts can't stop when they use they have a mental obsession making it truly a mental illness therefore making it a disease. Some can go do a bump or two go home it wears off they Go to bed. Addicts do a bump or two and start getting nervous cause they see no more bumps. They go home and can't sleep bc they need more of that it wasn't near enough omg what to do ? Start making calls
    Thinking and thinking about it and if more bumps had been available they'd prolly still be sitting there doing em. Most can't stop. But I forgot where I was going with that lol

  4. InstaCart CEO has Poor is in his name, and that is what you will be, when they overcharge your cards, very nasty customer service, and has been reported to FBI etc.











    Let go and let God always.

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    RIP all, who have been killed. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’―β€οΈπŸŒΉπŸŒΊ

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    Medicare stole our SS COLA. Karma.
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    Murders in Chicago.

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  5. desomorphine is definitely not any more dangerous then prescription painkillers. The problem is the way it's made and all the impurities / chemicals that are inside and when junkies by the ease of course there are limbs are going to rot

  6. Or maybe substances are controlled to keep society from becoming a wasteland of druggies/potheads. Of course other toxins aren't controlled because they don't provide any euphoria that people will go back over and over to.

  7. Didn't most popular drugs get banned under Nixon and all the propaganda he released created a bunch of myths and just straight up false studies that have lead to misconception and unjust bans of harmless drugs like psychedelics

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