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“Federal prosecutors uncover massive bribery scheme to fast-track kids into top universities, Biden teases 2020 presidential announcement ‘in a few weeks,’ …


  1. Cheating is not the right thing to do; however, the news regarding the situation doesn't cover the entire story. I haven't heard if the parents were solicited by these "cheat" artists. It does sound like what any parent would do to help their children. In a way, these parents were taken advantage of. In a moment of weakness, any parent could have been taken advantage of to help their children. I hold reservations until the entire story is played out. Wait and see.

  2. It's almost surprising that college payoffs are considered news. But why are authorities only going after actors and actresses who do this, not the rich Republicans and business people who've been getting their kids into Ivy League schools and other colleges by this means for many, many decades? This is just a political ploy to discredit and punish "liberals," no doubt.

    Colleges welcome rich kids because rich families will often donate money for generations, assuring that their kids and grandkids can attend that college. Some such kids may meet the entry requirements, but I'm sure that others would be rejected, were it not for these financial "donations." These are rarely outright "bribes," but they have the same effect as bribes. No matter how many people get punished for this, the practice will continue, and rich kids will always have a better chance for getting into the college of their choice than those who are less fortunate.

    In fact, colleges try to recruit rich kids whose family members are not alumni and presumably not yet financial contributors to the school. I know of a Presidential (full ride) Scholarship that a college offered to a girl whose parents could have paid the tuition of every kid at the college. The girl met the academic qualifications for the scholarship, but had no financial need for it. It was offered purely as a recruitment tool, I think, in hopes that this family would become alumni and thus financial donors to the college.

    These "donations" are probably a necessity for colleges that want to offer the best quality education — some of the money is used for better facilities and for salaries that will lure the best professors and researchers to work there. It works out for both the rich and the colleges, because colleges with the most money can afford the best teachers and facilities and can thus offer a better education. Having a lot of wealthy, well known alumni also makes a college seem superior to those that cannot boast of this. And people who get the best education — even if it was due to parental payoffs, not the students' own efforts — go on to earn the most money and thus can donate the most money to the college. It's an ongoing cycle that's practiced by public and private colleges alike.

    Yes, the poor and middle class get shafted by this practice, but that's not news, either.

  3. Think we need to bring back the public guillotine and put there Fallen head's on Poles for public display! Cheating your way to wealth is the worse form of Cancer in the entire world.

  4. Worse part of buying these brats credentials with big bucks, they'll be more ignorant and dummer when there party time burns there brain cells and might be the Dr's, airline engineer, or God forbid, the next Nancy Pants Pelosi or President Bush, Clinton or worse, what we have now

  5. This is out of control! Stop giving these D.A's the power you give them when you put them as your idols up on a pedestal to ADMIRE.
    STOP BUYING THERE SERVICE, PRODUCT or SONG'S/ MOVIES! There no better than yourselfs

  6. This,, my fine friends, is your MAGA Trump type of world.
    Half a million bucks is more than most of the hardest working people in this MAGA country will ever make in there life time.

  7. No surprise here.. how many parents that arent famous but still wealthy enough doing the same thing? its hard for a privileged rich kid to want to earn somthing since they are given everything very easily

  8. Isn't it the responsibility of these distinguished institutions of higher education to police their own admissions process. Why are precious law enforcement resources being used to round up washed up TV stars at gun point. Million dollar bail for the "Full House" lady. Does anyone in their right mind think these lady's are a flight risk or even remotely dangerous? Fines, suspended sentencing and some community service is all this is worth. Shame on the ministers of justice for handling this matter in such a disgusting and heavy handed manner. Desperate attention seeking, self righteous, self serving clowns should be run out of public service. Shame on FBI and these universities.

  9. I worked hard in high school, got good scores on my tests, and got into a good college…I didn't have help with tuition from my parents. Wealthy people have been buying fancy college degrees for their lazy or stupid children for many years by making donations to elite schools…this kind of cheating is not new. Donald Trump is a good example of this type of dishonesty…why do you think he wants his test scores and grades kept secret. All graduates that cheated to get in, even if their parents simply bought their entrance or degree should be stripped of their diplomas and their parents and crooked college collaborators jailed. This recent group of arrests are just the tip of a very big old iceberg.
    Now I ask for students that participated in this to come forward and admit their cheating to show that they have character and courage and are better than their crooked parents.
    This includes you Trump !



  11. List all the people busted for cheating their way into college. And once there, these are the same people who cheat on work product and testing. Cheating is rampant in schools these days. ALL schools.

  12. If someone threw a rock over an overpass and killed my wife, I would have a very difficult time forgiving them. Yet, I'm commanded to forgive.  Where does that ability to forgive come from?  It comes from the understanding that revenge is not my job. Revenge is taken by someone else, and His name isn't Luca Bazzi.  To whoever threw that rock, rest assured, justice shall prevail, if not in this world, then in the world to come.

  13. its always been like that in elite universities, from wealthy, ted kennedy wasnt brainy, but he went to harvard, while we have young talent out there, who cant get in to universities because they are poor. these parents are already wealthy, should not have to cheat. plus the fact, you are putting talentless people in professions they dont desrve to be in, not just because of favoritism, but they genuinely not suited to their supposed career,, kind of just floating through. that can be dangerous depending on career. i know all parents from all incomes want best for their kids, cant blame them for that, but the wealthy must know their chilren must earn their education, through hard work, study, and genuine talent. these wealthy parents do their spoiled brat kids no favors by getting them through other means.

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