1. Yeah it’s sad to say but downers also wake me up, it gives me energy really. I’m talking about black heroin I was doing sum every time I wake up to feel normal n to give me energy to works and I hated that shit.

  2. Jake sounds a lot better now than when he was inducted into the wwe hall of fame and he was already clean that time. You can tell he's really taking good care of himself. He's energetic here and his mind is so sharp. He looks way younger now than when Randy Orton RKO'd him in 2005.

  3. Percs do the same exact shit to me, I would actually do the same shit he was doing. Now I just gave up on wanting to be apart of society and I think about killing me or everyone around me constantly. But there's some shit wrong with my brain and opioids are the only thing that helps me function normally.

  4. Im the same way. Shit that should slow me down and make me sleep wind me up..bouncing off the walls when I take Valium and pain meds. Coke makes me slow down

  5. Jake is a scumbag.he is phony and its easy to see as he floats in and out of his scumbaggedness.seems like a degenerate chomo as i have had few conversations w this man

  6. First move I ever did in a fight was the DDT lol classic move
    (We were on a grassy hill so it was OK)
    He went to tackle me so I just used his momentum I wish someone in the UFC did it lol

    (Of all 6 fights I've been in lol)

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