I Use to be a Kpop Girl Group Trainee | REAL FOOTAGE Story time

Wait till the end!! I have some real footage when I was training in a girl group. There are SO many young girls and boys who did everything they can to reach …


  1. To all the people who's reading this comment. The lesson that you can learn from this vlog is Don't just focus on one thing.(spotlight)
    Have a plan like option 2 or 3 or 4. (Other career)
    Coz you know what will gonna happen to you if that one thing didn't work well… Just saying.โค๏ธ

  2. My western perception is that Korean and other Asian societies don't rank these issues relating to workplace bullying and harassment as highly as they do in the west. It just seems like a cultural thing, especially the relationship between men and women in these countries.

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