Democrats May Have a Problem in 2020. Let's Ask Them the Tough Questions Now!

Let’s talk about decriminalization & sentencing policies on a Federal level that will have to be enacted once nationwide legalization eventually takes effect …


  1. There are problems with legalizing weed. 1. Assholes who think just because it's legal that's is OK to smoke it in front of schools while dropping or picking up their kids. 2. Who gets to sell it? 3. Knowing the difference between recreational & abuse use.

  2. Don't you just love the US legal system. One law for the rich and the poor can go fuck themselves..In Europe these so called criminals for low level possession get a street warning and never set a foot in prison. You know the civilized countries..

  3. To All you "RELIGOUS"
    Bull shiters!
    If your "god" is the "Great" creator of all things!! Why is Marijuana so comdemded!?!
    man made Drugs Are ok.
    But the plant made by your so called "god" is against the law!?!?
    Or just bullshiters!?!?!

    DRUGS, and BOOZE that are made by man!!!!
    Natural drugs are by your so called "god"!?!

    It was created by your "god", but yet….you have condemned your so called "god" for It's creation!!

  4. Why the hell should non weed smokers have to put up with funky weed smoke? Medical marijuana isn't so much a problem for me (as long as I don't have to inhale or smell the fumes), it's the dope with the THC along with the smell & pollution that I oppose. As a former weed & cigarette smoker who KNOWS the cons of weed & smoking period, as well as a cancer survivor; I am totally offended that I (& others opposed to smoking in my/our environment; especially around children) am currently imposed upon by smokers! I am also well aware of the gross inequities in "drug" sentencing with the most unbalanced heavy fines & jail terms impacting the Black & brown communities. I don't see common sense legislation being informed by good science & sound data
    prior to nationwide political open arms driven by a hunger for filling budget deficits & supplemental tax dollars, generated by a national governmental acceptance of cannabis. The equal decriminalization of cannabis
    use across the nation as well as an equitable & standardization of penalties & sentencing must be implemented BEFORE federal acceptance of cannabis.

  5. As a black man stuck in the diaspora of America it always makes me feel good to know that I have Jessie as one of my sole white allies. As someone who was arrested for possession with attempt to distribute marijuana even though I wasn't selling it I was just in my car with it and I was overcharged I now have a felony on my record with stops me from being able to work on military bases which has hindered my ability to make money this year with my moving company. Go figure I'm not allowed to work because they thought I sold weed now they're really selling weed and I'm still not allowed to work LMAO… and of course because I'm black they've made the possibility of Legally being able to sell weed impossible because of course I had a drug conviction and I don't have the money and won't be able to get a bank loan because I'm black

  6. If they broke the law they broke the law.
    I don't see them going out and refunding money collected in fines in the past to people when they can get traffic laws. Or going after people when a law is against something that was legal in the past but isn't now?
    I can see easing required parole conditions and allowing more reduction of time served for good behavior.

  7. Yep, everyone that were convicted violent or not cause even if you were violent you have also served your time too. So. At least since its leagal give them a chance to do the right way. The worst hit communities should at least have fair shake at redemption. Otherwise all those victims died for nothing, sacrificed for nothing, families broken for nothing now. America needs to right its wrongs. And not in some shitty way where you are set up to fail either. Since our slave prisons are supposed to be about rehabilitation.

  8. Breaking

    Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

    Documents obtained by NBC 7 Investigates show the U.S. government created a secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan and in some cases, placed alerts on their passports.

  9. You are always spot on, Jesse and team, and bring up subjects no one else does. Many years ago I was reading this section of our local newspaper that gave little snippets of information about guilty verdicts and the sentence given. There were three of them that day. One was for a man accused of raping a 7-year-old. That's the term they used. Rape. Another was for a burglary of a house where nobody was home. And the third was about a man who got busted with an OUNCE of marijuana. Guess who had the longest sentence? The guy with the weed. The scumbag rapist got 7 years, the burglar got 5, but the man with only one OUNCE of weed got TEN FREAKIN' YEARS! Of course, this was in the 70's but still.

  10. Make weed legal, period. Anyone who gets busted for simple procession of some other drugs gets mandated treatment, not jail. Pardon anyone busted for weed, ever, and they get their records expunged. Period. Just do this stuff now, and stop screwing people who can't afford a lawyer, or who were broken financially by being busted with a pound, or whatever big potheads can smoke in 3 months these days. How about it? I thought prisons were overcrowded, or is the money for keeping people locked up for something that's now legal, just too good?

  11. Decriminalization is not the only problem.
    If Illinois goes legal what is to stop my employer from still firing me over failing a random drug test even though I am not high at all when the sample is taken?
    How is it that I can loose my job for doing nothing wrong or illegal on a Friday or Saturday night on my own time?
    It can't be a "half baked" promise to decriminalize and then let others pass down judgement and punishment on innocent people.
    There are lots of real questions that have to be asked and real answers given in return.

  12. Great discussion to have, we’re having the same dilemma in my country. Most accept what we are doing now doesn’t work which is prohibition and everything that comes with it. We’re having a public referendum on the decriminalisation but what does that actually look like? That’s the details we’re missing and to date no real position or solution given by any political party. All we’re left with is advise from advocacy groups from each side of the argument who tend to stray to the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in the middle but no political party is taking the lead apart from let’s have a referendum, if I was being cynical about it I’d say they’re waiting to see if it wins or loses votes over what’s the right moral & ethical thing to do. We don’t yet have the facts for what we’re being asked to vote on.

  13. Jesse, you have 105+K subscribers, many of whom are black. It's been verified that the war on drugs was a war on black people. Weed being the drug of choice by cops to lock up blacks.
    I listened to this commentary three times.
    Is there a reason why you didn't say "black" once? Are we hated so much that even if your intention would help us, you just can't say "correction of this injustice would go along way to, for once in American history, do right by blacks!"
    Just an observation.🤕

  14. I heard or read that when Washington state went "legal", the District Attorneys dumped the "pending" marajuana possession (under their recognized limit) cases and released the jailed pending defendents. And was going to imediately look into prison cases. Anybody know if this ever happened?
    That seems like the imediate answer for these states. Course they'd have to hire a bunch of legal eagles to do the research. Multi offenses for over the"limit" would fall in a "not likely to happen" pile, but 1st timers or even multi offenses of small "personal use" amounts, cut them loose! It CAN be set as a cut n dry, get it done thing! But of course, politicians need to get their greedy little fingers in it to complicate the issue and DRAG THINGS OUT AS LONG AS THEY CAN!
    When it comes to marajuana laws, you have to go to the head of the viper that created the shit. Change the laws on a federal level. The classification from "class A narcotics". REALLY! The government ranks marajuana with COCAINE, METH, & HERION!
    Once the classification is changed to whatever class XYZ they rank cigarettes & alcohol, no law is broken in the 1st place.
    America needs to elect a bunch of pro marajuana dems with really big balls to go after the ADA, and Big Pharma. Vote out as many of those crusty old fossils ruining the Senate. Just end the prohibition on pot! Its gone on too long, and has cost our country too much, in jobs lost, homes devided, families destroyed. Today we see men that made millions of dollars doing completely hainous shit and serving a couple of months or 3 yrs in a federal playground, then a black guy goes to jail for 5-10 for possession under an ounce! Thats nutz! CHANGE THE LAW! If you decriminalize, then NO LAW WAS BROKEN! Release them, give them back their lives.

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