Looking over Weed Grow house after Police raid & make it Secure

Just a quick video of a grow house after a police raid, they used this rented house to grow marijuana and left a mess. hydroponic growing inside house, looking …


  1. I was so lost when you kept saying a grow house??? Then you picked some up, the big duh-huh moment.
    I felt so stupid then. LOL!!!! I really didn't have a clue. Grandmas story was too funny, thanks for sharing.
    I needed that good laugh. The fan?? I'm really lost on that idea.

  2. the problem with these people is violence and people commiting crimes to pay for their habits, i spent much time around it, to legalise it solves some problems , hey people drink piss, look what happened in the 1920's when they banned alcolhol in the states

  3. It's good those scum got found out. A bit of mess in there to clean up. Yep, lucky it wasn't a meth lab. My folks still have the same old Lane lever locks. Lol. Cheers for the video.🍺😎

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