Huge Indoor Cannabis Plant OMG!

She’s getting big! It’s looking like, all thing considered I’ve got things under control here. Wow things are getting busy and it’s time to start working hard in the …


  1. hey im a new grower and im doing all coco with fabric pots but im
    confused on how to flush for harvest. they say 1 week to flush in coco
    but ive been flushing now for 4 days and non of the leaves are
    yellowing. they are going from a dark green to a lighter green.i have a video on my grow so far if you want to take a look.

  2. Dam brotha that flowering queen is ridiculously beautiful. An jeez she is huge lol. Ur guna have buds on the floor an b4 u know it ur guna need to wrangle that beast in an hang some branches up so they dnt fall over lol.

  3. pigeons 420, if you or anyone reads this I need some advice. My Afghan Kush cracked opened and I can see the tap root but refuses to come out. what can I do to help??

  4. Hey Pidgeons, i've got thrips in my plants. I saw one of your videos where you used apple vinegar to fight them. Did it kill them all or did you combine it with other methods to get rid of them?

  5. Pigeons, keep it up man i love it. Im on first indoor grow, lots of troubles. Looking like N defficiency paired with overwatering. Im learning but how do i get enough feed absorbed without overwatering. How can i combat?

  6. Ay, Pigeons! Good looking girls as always. ..question for u sir, before harvest the buds should be fully grown into the pistils? no visible hair orange or white? I'm almost there. just got the flushing down , but I feel I harvest too early . Any help I'd be thankful. Peace & Buds

  7. Very Nice Sir !! Only thing i would of did, Have it in a Bigger Pot, Thin out More maybe a Net to Open her up More but that's about it My Friend She is Getting Big!! Thank You .

  8. Beautiful special queen pigeons….cant wait till December 6th here in Michigan. …..legalization day!!!! Hope my ladies turn out half as good as yours.
    Keep up the good work my man.

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