1. Position of elevation. His is money. Their we go!!! NFL's own fault for paying them to much money. But now David Irving has the power. And I'm cool with that. I left my job for kind of the same reasons. Rules over production. Chunk da dueces ✌✌

  2. Law you got to think about it this way. A lot of shit used to be rules that persecuted people unfairly. The man has already made a few M’s. maybe he wants to start a dispensary and make millions doing what he believes in. Instead of accepting a broken policy.

  3. I'm going to tell everyone this, the rules was there as far as what is prohibited and weed is on that list period! He passed up $ to support his kids and their kids is totally inexcusable ! Do NOT try to make an excuse for his actions

  4. Damn that I worked a 9-5 if my job says that I can’t have it in my system that’s the damn rule. He makes more money than me but he’s not better than me. I hope he never plays again. It’s a selfish act he doesn’t care about winning for us as fans so I don’t care about him and his choices fuck him.

  5. This whole David Irving mess is so sad,here is a guy with the talent to become one of the best DT ever,we have seen the talent in such a short time,it's more than some weed,if he could get his head right,and understand what's possible for him he might see the light, everyone is done with this guy,I believe he needs help and Dallas should look into it ,maybe this time off to reflect will help,

  6. Sure the NFL is hypocritical when it comes to weed. So are a lot of companies when it comes to weed vs alcohol. That being said David Irving is a colossal idiot of epic proportions. Sadly, 5 years from now he is going realize this when he is flat broke and bagging groceries. He had his chance to set his family up with generational wealth and instead decided to get high. Deal with the hypocrisy for a few years, make millions, then smoke all the dope you want.

  7. And he chose to leave.. stop getting in y’all feelings.. football is not the only way to make millions… it is ok to use your brain and other gifts we have and live a long healthy life… he still chose to leave is all I’m saying

  8. just here to watch all the "fake fans" who gonna try making it seem like they want what's best for him but will also say hes dumb for picking weed over money. Ever heard of Ricky Williams? NEWS FLASH it's 2019, weed is acceptable. Weed is helpful. The benefits of that plant is amazing, do some research. Yall make it seem like hes now gonna be some homeless bum when if you were TRULY interested in his next move you'd know he's been acting. Yall the same mfs who will take 4 shots of alcohol & dont 2nd guess what that just did to your insides.
    Only problem I have is that he sparked up while in Texas? Shit not legal there yet so I hope he was in LA or somewhere it's legal

    & before you reply to me about rules this & rules that just remember you've done some illegal shit even if you try to front like you haven't.

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