Coupon code WATER BLACK TIES website Protected by the 2018 Farm Bill That’s right guys the era of hemp prohibition is over finally!


  1. Got my first order in for cbd flower and some shatter. Can you smoke too much cbd to where it makes your anxiety worse? Jw mainly getting this for anxiety because thc really is making it worse.

  2. Nice video man, I have an 1/8 of the orange cookies from them. Mine was super dry but it's sitting with a moisture pack right now to bring it back some.

    I bought into the hype as well and was under impressed, but, I have gotten their other flower: mothership and amnesia haze and those are excellent flowers.

  3. I'm a big Black Tie fan and also got the Orange Cookies. Really sucks that this is the first strain you tried from them. Out of 6 other strains I've tried from them this one is definitely on the bottom of the list. The smell is a bit generic and appearance isn't that great–basically what you said. If you ever decide to give them another shot, I'd say go for their indoor special reserves. My Berkshire package is out for delivery and I'm super stoked. First time trying them.

  4. BlackTies bubblegum private reserve is some really nice flower man, looks way better than the orange cookies… I'm a Starseed fan but Blacktie and Berkshire are definitely good as well.

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