Poker Strategy: AA Gets Back Raised All-In 3 Bet Pot

In this hand we end up in a 3 bet pot vs two players and face some very unusual action. Should we just call off given our opponents line doesn’t make sense, …


  1. Hmm tough spot, I think you have to make an explorative play here dependent on what you know about the player… If you think he's trapping sometimes with KK then call if not then I think fold.

  2. Seems like the difficult fold makes the most sense. The other guy is already all in, so what is he re-raising with that aces beats? Especially when you hold the nut flush blocker. Easy to see both sides but you can’t get married to the aces in that spot as you are behind wat too often. Good discussion

  3. I have actually been in a very similar spot. Only difference I had the AQ on BTN and not AA on Q high board. The Villain in my hand also showed up with QQ, and if you think about it, this is, what he will have most of the time. If he is a decent player, his range for cold calling a 3-bet from the blinds is very narrow, and QQ is part of it.

    And as Bart say, it makes no sense for him to bluff, when the third guy is already all in. So while I hate to put my opponent on just one hand, this is a spot, where we can reasonably do it and make the fold. And remember we still get to see his hand, since he still have to show down against the other guy.

  4. Fold. All I have is a pair and two all in raisers. I have a back door straight and a back door straight flush draw. Again, no need to do all the math here. This is a clear fold for me. I have stopped the video bf the hero has made his decision. Now let's see if I made the right decision.

  5. When i saw the board and the title i thought fold this screams a set but when other villain says he had a queen that would have maybe changed my mind. That guys table talk which is totally out of line probably cost you another 1300. Its hard to imagine big blind rejamming with anything other than a set because he has to still win against the cutoff. If he had qxdd or 45dd hes flipping or behind vs the cutoffs jam. It would have made more sense to flat with those hands given your call

  6. You're flipping at best against all his possible hands that he's doing this with I think. KQdd QJdd, 45dd (rare I know)…. and you're crushed by his sets. I don't see any way KK plays it like this. Seems like at the $2/5 and $5/5 level this is an exploitative fold, especially with Ad in your hand. Tough spot for the hero nonetheless.

    EDIT: Bart, I love these daily hands. Super helpful, as these are the tough spots that we often find ourselves in. Thanks again!

  7. fold. if you didn't have the Ad then maybe consider calling or just getting it in, depending on what you know about the players…but first instinct is that you are crushed.

  8. If I was playing my normal $1/2 $100 buy-in, I would've called also. However, if I had a $1k+ stack I would've folded accepting the fact I could've had the best hand. There's such a high uncertainty and it's for most/all your chips!

  9. The back raise smells like sets and sets only in this spot… especially when you block the nut flush draw. I said in my head 33 but QQ actually makes more sense. The q comment was completely out of line and in this case might actually have cost the caller who now discounted qs.

  10. Big thanks to you and the other poker vloggers, I've gone from being what I consider an ok winning player at 1 2 to a full time 2 5 player making a good living doing what I love to do.

  11. I would go all in more often than not when I hear the short stack said my queens is not good. However when I watch this video, I had a thought of maybe the big stack could possibly has Ten Jack of diamond. With that hand, more chance of flopping a draw than 4/5. And with that board, you got yourself a a flush draw and back door straight draw. Specially when you are the biggest stack at the table, a three bet there on the flop could just done its job and let everyone else fold. I believe whatever I just said doesn’t make sense, but is poker, all possibilities are alive.

  12. This is a super tough spot . Especially after hearing the other person saying they had a queen. Do we really think v has Qx of diamonds though? I don't think he's any kx diamond after a 3b cold call from the blinds. This is of course, assuming v is a decent player. we also can remove bottom sets.

    I can see v perhaps having kings but with players behind and being OOP, it's more unlikely.

  13. I think that I would have gone with it as well. You basically just have to understand which hands and spots that you will just go with your hand and an over pair in a 3 bet pot is one of those spots for me. Too weak to fold imo

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