1. Let me also state the obvious in order to remove any confusion!! There is no difference between recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis!!!!! Except for the name!!!! If all a person does is use cannabis for recreational reasons…. there is still medicinal value in that!!!!!☮️

  2. How about they focus on how these kids have juuls and are smoking cigs. They should be focused on the tobacco law instead of the marijuana law. Marijuana isn’t a drug ! Trump needs to worry about the tobacco laws instead of worrying if they can stop ppl from buying weed or not.

  3. When BigPharma gets their greedy fingers in it; MJ Will Not Be The Same! They Will Remove The Healing Property’s That Are Causing Them To Loose Revenue!
    BigPharma IS The True Drug Dealers!!

  4. Prohibition simply doesn't work. It didn't work for alcohol and it definitely doesn't work for weed. Plus I'm in the process of looking for a new job and I don't wanna have to lay off the bong over a stupid Drug test. Although the tolerance break will give me a bigger high in the end and that's the only good part about it.

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