1. My husband and i have made the decision together to move to Las Vegas next year after our lease is up however the health insurance is scaring me. I have diabetes and other medical conditions and am concerned that I won’t be saving any money monthly because of the cost of paying more for prescriptions.

  2. I moved to Las Vegas on Labor Day '17 and signed up for health insurance on the open market. I am a casino dealer, and I have two part-time dealer jobs. Because I am age 29, I was eligible for a "catastrophic" individual HMO plan through Health Plan of Nevada. (People 30 & older aren't eligible.) I pay $225/mo with an annual deductible of $7,350. I really don't go to the doctor much and I'm healthy. So I signed up for it just for peace of mind.

  3. I had Anthem PPO three years ago. However, due to the cost, I switched to HMO Health Plan Of Nevada the past couple years, and I'm staying with it.

    I choose care through Southwest Medical Associates. They have almost everything under one roof at Oakey and Decatur in a big four-story building. Need a referral? No need to wait for your doctor. Just go into convient care (same location). They also have an awesome 24/7 Urgent Care centrally located.

    You have to go to who they refer you to, but you can ask if the doctor you want to see is part of their referral network. And, they are serious about quality control. I got a questionaire in the mail after each visit to a specialist.

    Too late to sign up or change now (unless you have a life change like losing your job). But I always call the Obamacare number during the sign-up time. You tell them the kind of coverage you are looking for, and they will run down the various options. I sit with a pen and paper, take notes, and then choose a plan.

  4. The coverage that they provide on the open market in NV are high premiums with less coverage. Some of the things you can do is find a company that cares about their employees and provides good medical coverage. Also stay healthy. Of course there are a lot of things you can't control and things do happen. At least you will have some coverage.

  5. I use to have blue cross blue shield ppo 100% coverage premium were a little high but worth it. Obama care came along. It destroyed the whole insurance business. Now I pay even more on premiums and way less…. Coverage! two thousand dollar deductible! President 44 destroyed the health insurance.

  6. HSA are terrible for lower income earners…..trump and republicans in congress are threatening the stability of the exchanges by the actions they have taken constantly trying to sabotage Obamacare.. so it's no surprise things are not as good as they used to be.. instead of trying to make the exchanges better they are doing everything possible to make them fail

  7. I'm glad you addressed this topic. I have been wondering what health insurance coverage are acceptable in Nevada. Currently in NYC I use Emblem HIP. Please make a video about all the health insurance coverage availability in Nevada.

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