1. 🤔This may be why you didn't get faded? 😲I had a similar experience? when I went for a visit Home wa state!& all the shops had was plastic cartridges? And I didn't feel like I was getting faded? I came home (Calif) & ordered the select oil it was in plastic they let me return! It🙏 I got a super silver haze! one of my favorite strains! It didn't even seem like it was that strain at all? So I did some research! and found out? that cannabinoids! bind! to the vinyls! in the plastic! Maybe the longer they're on the shelf more cannabinoids bind I don't know? But if you take a empty? Plastic cartridge and put it right up to a light bulb? and you will see what I'm talking about? the discoloration is the cannabinoids still on the plastic cartridges? look at that cartridge? about a week or two later? The color will change? you never see this on glass! and I've also read cannabis oil is not good to put in plastic? and then you combine that with heat? losing cannabinoids losing potency!I think they got a name for themselves because they used to be made of glass?plastic cheaper and FYI you cannot open the top so if you live in the Mountains? or skiing in high altitudes you won't be able to smoke those? Because you have to loosen the mouthpiece a little? look it up! on Google that's what I did because I knew there was something wrong? When you don't get faded on a 90% oil I think that's what they claim to be your 91% God bless 🙏 good luck I really wanted to know what you thought of this strain?! Sorry you couldn't feel it to tell me!& but that could be the reason? 😇

  2. The profanity you use is a turn off. Maybe try to clean it up a little and your review would be more pleasant and easier to listen to because I just wanted to shut it off because of your mouth.

  3. I worked in the industry some prop315 days and 80percent is far stronger than most carts even now a lot of companies put the total canabinoid legal instead of thc it’s quite common actually

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