1. The same thing happened to me the second time I tried it. I kept saying “It’s a nightmare…I’m trapped in a nightmare” because I didn’t realize I was high until a few moments later. I thought I was in a dream at first…I didn’t feel real; I didn’t exist

    And all the sudden this voice appeared and asked me “Who are you?” And I answered it, telling it my name, who I thought I was, and it said “Beyond that”

    And I said “I don’t know; I just AM. I have a soul” and suddenly the voice stopped. And I started to wake up but man the images, shaking like DMT and voice were brutal

    But you know what…I’m glad I had it. Because I came out on top. I told the voice who I was; a soul, more than human, more than a body, not confined to reality. And suddenly the darkness left, and I can truthfully say I am not afraid to die. Because I’ve already experienced a similar sensation.

    I hardly ever smoke now. Only with my closest friends, in a safe space, with happy thoughts. It can be very empowering/enlightening or a philosophical experience….but you have to either surrender or logically get there.

    If don’t ever smoke again that’s okay !! Please, do what makes you happy. But if you consider doing it to overcome fear, I would take no more than three hits, in a safe room, with some close friends, with food and water and let yourself be one with the universe. Good luck dude because I’ve been in your shoes and it’s traumatizing…but you made it out okay, so take that a massive accomplishment. <3

  2. Thanks for sharing, I’ve also had an ego death experience on weed, it was different than yours but still crazy. Sorry you got bullied, that’s messed up. You seem cool. Bye

  3. Dude i had the same experience, like exactly the same. Everything you said is exactly what i experienced. I also got a dissociation disorder from it and have never come down off of it since

  4. Yeah basically you were overthinking everything and fucked your head up at that moment in time I got the same experience before fucked me up for a while but you get over it eventually

  5. Hey bro your story really speaks to me. And I want to tell you

    I too have experienced ego death on weed like I would smoke like at least 1.5 ounces with my cousin. I would be very self counsious and my mind would wonder and I would try to conversate with my cousin but my mind would lose itself in my own thoughts. And I would ask my self what is my purpose on this planet or world and I had this little revelation about y I'm here and then all of a sudden my mind snapped like I was tripping balls.

    And had this DMT effect like my vision saw weird Colors and Shapes and it felt like the world was spinning and my head was vibrating like I was walking into another deminsion and I was scared to death thinking I was gonna die and when I fucking realized that I was just really high and had just experienced an ego death and was thinking on a whole new level of consciousness.

    I was blown away and had a new perspective on how I saw the world and how I see myself in others eyes and it was a traumatic experience at first. but I was taking therapy thinking I was just delusional and was afraid of everything like a hypochondriac. but i knew that I was just living in a whole new perspective because of the weed and was never the same as I used to be.

    And then I had a phase where I would be scared of overdosing on weed and would have a bad trip. but I would ride on my emotions and channel them to my memories. Only the good ones. and I just had the urge to smoke even tho my fear of Overdosing and having another bad trip would stand in the way of me trying to smoke and enjoy the good feelings of sensation that this mild Psychedelic would bring to me.

    So I continued to smoke and still do to this day and I would just let my mind wonder and enjoy the good feelings and loved the way my mind would think of things on a whole new perspective and would bring me peace and enlightment like I was one with everything and that I don't care what people think of me and that I am who I am and that's OK.

    So I just wanted to tell you bro that don't be afraid of fear and even tho the weed made you have this experience it's just your real self trying to let go of your ego and that you don't have to follow what you want to be. you can do anything that you want and you don't have to worry about what others think of u. Because that's what makes you special everyone is different and never the same.

    Hope you will try to smoke weed again. I'm not saying you have to but don't let your fear and anxiety control the way you think just channel your emotions and think of the good vibes and don't bring yourself down when you smoke weed embrace the good let it thrive and you will be in a new state of mind where you know anything is possible if you can put your mind to it.

    Much love brother

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