1. Hi I just found your videos. Really happy to find a nice clear consise review. Only started this last year at age 46 so still learning. I never really liked the taste or smell of flower, so have only been using the Tru Clear or Shatter & concentrate carts. I suffer from many ailments but Debilitating Pain is the worst. I have a very high tolerance with Cannabis and Pain meds, it takes a lot! The 9lb. has been the best for my pain. Lately though it isn't working as well. I went through 1 syringe in 2 days this weekend. Do you really feel more relief from flower?

  2. I received a free Pax @Liberty and bought a Jack Frost Pax pod. Did you get a consistent flavor with yours? Because I'm not; one hit's smooth tasting w/o irritating my throat and the next tastes bad, harsh & like it's burnt (maybe the coil if there's cotton in there, or the silica wick?) but I'm new to anything but smokable so tend to not trust my judgement of it. Thoughts?

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