Mendodope #Greendope #liveinthegarden It’s Episode 6 “Natures Magic! We are gearing up for bloom and starting to get the first smells of the year. We also …


  1. Lucky spot. Plenty of places…..yes New Zealand…great climate. But …..could have a three day rain a week before harvest….boo hoo. For me….clear roof, open sides. You fellas rock!!!!!

  2. Hey Boys , About the DEAD Plant : 25:06 The only time that i have seen this is when you twist/turn the Cut into a Solo Cup or Pot when transplanting . That's why we Stopped that way of Transplanting a long time ago.. This was a You Tube planting tip some one had started , just like when you guys talk at 16:12 i can see doing on the Outside & we do. But on the inside we STOPPED that way of Growing a way back now, what we are doing now is letting that go, Allowing the Plant to Fully grow out . Getting a Quarter Pound or MORE from each plant. Just use more Fans Under the Canopy and Using Beneficial's . We are gaining so much more Cannabis by growing this way.. Hope this might help someone out sometime … Thanks you all in Video!! WEED NERD 4 LIFE 100% Real Talk !! Just Waiting for the Next video from ya Guys…

  3. Guys i have to tell you…..i found a flat stalk just like that, (much smaller plant but same size to scale of plant) the same day as this episode premiered, in my little indoor grow. Now thats a trippy coincidence….? Or……😳

  4. Very nice all you guys from what subcool said in his last vid cant wait to grow some mendodope lol been waiting a while for that strain and it looks great out there in the garden guys wow!! I hope in the coming days you let us know how to get ahold of that strain please much live from Michigan weednerd for life smokedog gardens

  5. You guys have a great channel here on YouTube and love this series. Could you hook us up with some better sound though cuz I'm struggling to hear y'all most of the time.

  6. It's a good job there's nice plants to.look at as can't even hear half of the video, sadly this series has been the worst for audio I've watched nearly every one of your grow videos and all been perfect audio except this but apart from that awesome job on the filming etc and fucking huge plants

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