NEW DANK VAPES 2019 OFFICIAL REVIEW – Sunset Sherbet – Durban Poison – Strawberry Cough

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  1. Lol if they got pesticides in it they good af😂

    Smoke me a whole goddamn bong of that shit lol you fucking morons, if it gets my ass high I’m fucking doing it I don’t give two shits what ms in it😂

  2. Ok everyone talking about pesticides y’all act like the good ass flower you smoke all the time don’t. I love both but you got to understand that their gonna be pesticides sometimes. So just chill and don’t be hypocritical

  3. Thicker oil doest mean the kart lasts longer dummy, "watery" karts have more additives in them like flavoring making them move more throughout the art. Stizzys as u mentioned taste like that bc there is hardly any extra flavoring additives to make it taste like shit. Dank needs to fix their flavoring off top.

  4. Do your research Dankwoods does not make those carts…And the THC levels are more in the 60% if your lucky .. Those and the Marios and Exotics Are fucking garbage .. Any and I mean any THC distillate that moves that fast and is thin is Dangerous dont even vape that trash REAL DISTILLATE Wont move at all …GET EDUCATED ON THIS !!!!!!!!

  5. Pesticides and additives at its finest only real ones know what I'm talking about this isnt really lab tested or anything smh …I only smoke king Pen and flight farms occasionally an LA Kush

  6. yall really be tryna tell us yong people to not get weed products from the streets but really its the only place we can get dem¿¿we cant just go in a dispensary and buy shit like dat, i get your guys point but we really have no other choice

  7. Bro so many people say these suck ass and barely get you a buzz and uts to lose the oil moves to much should be thicker idk alot of people say that there shit and even do side by sides and they cant feel it much compared to other oil cartridges and they say that it doesnt have pg but it def does that's why it's so runny 100 percent

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