1. I’m new to all of this guys. Been struggling with depression and anxiety my whole life. Looking to finally start this. Any help would be great, forums on how to grow, where to get my supplies etc. Thanks in advance.

  2. Has anyone here ever dried truffles?i recently dried truffles under a fan and they went almost like Little Rock’s,My question is?are they dry enough/safe to make capsules with at this stage?

  3. Is your lions mane alcohol extract method? because if not, I have some bad news for you 🙁 Lion's Mane contains several unique bioactive compounds not found in other medicinal mushrooms; in particular the NGF- and BDNF-inducing compounds. Those are the main reason most people choose Lion's Mane as a supplement.
    Those compounds are part of the class of alcohol-soluble terpenes and meroterpenes (compounds which are part terpene and part polyphenol). Oddly enough not a single Lion's Mane supplement optimised for those compounds existed. Until now, check Oriveda brand. I quote "In Oriveda's L+ the emphasis is on exactly those compounds and their percentage and bioavailability is guaranteed. Unlike other vendors we do not focus on beta-glucan (immune-modulation) or polysaccharides. Lion's Mane was found to contain a class of compounds that stimulate the production of NGF, indirectly stimulating nerves to regrow. These compounds are all alcohol-soluble terpenes, and are seperated in Hericenones (found mainly in the fruiting body) and Erinacines (found mainly in the mycelium)

    These are so far the only active substances found in natural products that can induce the production of the NGF. These bioactives therefore might have great potential for indirectly repairing neurological damage, improving intelligence (cognition) and reflexes and, even more significant, preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

  4. Im going to buy a 20 gram box and grind them all to fill in 40 capsules to use for 4 months. Do you think they are still potent after 1 month? Let alone, 2 3 or 4 months!

  5. I need some help, i got injured in january and eat alot of pills, i want to quit them and start with psilosibin microdoseing. I gona use it for medicin but i Dont know how much mushroom i need in a capsle , i Dont want to get high of it i want it to help me for My nervpain.
    Nån svensk kanske kan förklara?

  6. Hello there! I want to start taking mushrooms…I have 5 grams of dried golden teacher mushrooms. I want to start taking just 0.1 the first month…how can I do that and whats the proportion if I make capsules? Also…when do I take the capsules and how?

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