Meghan McCain: The Character of the Republican Party ‘Seems to be Gone’

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  1. Dear Meghan McCain, "racist" isn't the worst thing you can call someone. Imagine being black and being called the N-word. "Racist" is mild and tame compared to the racial slurs that you are not subjected to as a white person.

  2. The Left continue to coverup their corruption. Comey and Mueller trying to coverup the real problem, HRC & DNC CRIMES!!! Connect media dots. Mueller protecting Manafort, Vin Webber, Podesta and President of Ukraine undocumented work in 2012, FISA ABUSE, Steele Dossier, Uranium deal, Fusion GPS- the real Russian collusion. Also, Flynn reported to thr IG the contents of the Weiner laptop that could implicate Killary and Abedin for raping and killing children and babies. Demand review of IG report! The 500-page IG report on pg. 294 and 276 it details the HRC sex crimes.On pg. 294 an FBI investigator testifies that he debriefed Comey on the materials after being notified of the sex-crimes-linked intelligence from the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. Under the heading — “Hillary Clinton & Foundation Crime Against Children:” NYPD said they would spread the word about what they uncovered if timely indictments not done. Pizzagate is real.  Wake up people! No longer about party lines but rather about Good vs. Evil. Stop protecting them from living above the law and start  protecting the innocent babies & children.I pray that rhe government exposes the biggest coverup of these satanic pedophiles, large sex trafficking and drug traffickinh  rings and all the corrupt politicians that tooke bribes to turn a blind eye so these sickos can do what they want …sale, rape and killing) of babies and  children.

  3. Van, just lost what LITTLE RESPECT I had for you….. you OBVIOUSLY don’t watch “The View”

    Be more like Prince, or change your “Tie”

    ‘“Daughter of Senator McCain”……. yeah, that’s about it!!!!….. he would be embarrassed…. MORE MASCARA!!! SMH

    “Hysterical tantrums”?………. only your entitled ass!!!!

  4. I loved seeing Meghan on the show. I may fundamentally disagree with her political opinions, but I love how she has the ability to get under the skin of both the left, & the right. I don't need, or want another echo-chamber, & appreciate Meghan for making me think. BTW, I'm a liberal living in Utah 😉

  5. INTEGRITY?!?! MEEEEEEEgan is an arrogant entitled overbearing trust-fund brat who misrepresents left politics any chance she gets, so she;s "intellectually dishonest" all the time! she has no consideration for any social issues at all, save gay rights, due to all her fawning buddies. she does not care about the working class or any labor rights, simply pretends to care about anyone in a red state, since they are also right-wing. putting her in the same anything as Sherrod Brown is absolutely ludicrous.

  6. The country has had the lowest unemployment numbers since Trump became POTUS, & yet Sherrod Brown says that Trump hates the workers. What a lie! The Dems/Socialists want to tax everyone even more than they do now, so who do you think is against the everyday worker bees? THAT is why the amount they have to spend on necessities & recreational activities.
    Most, if not all Dems running for office will increase our taxes to help pay for their silly pet projects, or their outlandish "Medicare for All", "Free college education", etc.. They want us to look like Canada or the UK in regard to over-taxation, w/ the eventuality of us becoming more like China, NOKO, Cuba, Venezuela & other "shithole" countries. Is this what all of you are wanting? Really?

  7. Trump is NOT a racist, & he has never made fun of handicapped people (that was debunked). I'm tired of the liberal hypocrisy. They lie every time they open their mouth, yet they actually count Trump's lies each day. They obviously are not getting anything accomplished for the country, because they've got TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). They want power at any cost, IMO, & if it means taking down a duly elected President, that's what they'll do. Makes me sick.

  8. The character of the Republican Party has to change if they hope to be able to beat the Democrat Party. The Republican Party of the neo con like John McCain and Mit Romney can never hope to beat the aggressive socialist progressive Democrat Party. Only an aggressive Republican Party with a strong capable leader can match the aggressive socialist fascist progressive Democrat Party.

  9. You accuse Trump of many faults and bad performance. Can you give actual evidence for each of your accusation. If you can the people will be with you. If you cannot give any real evidence then you are just part of the hate Trump people fabricating lies all the time in your mission to destroy Trump.

  10. Most Americans want the Wall! If you disagree then why not hold a referendum on the issue of the wall. This will help CNN prove their contention that most Americans do not want the wall. How about that fake CNN?

  11. you hate being called a racist.? black ppl hate racism. oppression. systemic racism. economic oppression.institutional racism. black ppl hate slavery. black ppl hate getting shot by police. black ppl hated slave ships. they hated being sold in auctions. black ppl hated being treated worst than animals. black ppl hated being raped by their "masters". black ppl hate being subject to everything and anything white in amerikkka. but we're so srry that you hate being called a racist. surely that must be so difficulty to deal with

  12. Hello people hello world this is to Mississippi Boy first time watching van Jones Show and for what I see is a bunch of horseshit I don't believe none of what the man are saying the billionaire was Republican now is Democrat people my people is my brothers and sister we have to be smart you have to think Wise Wise they leaving from the Republican party because the the hoods is up the scam is up to gig is up so they are running to Democrats pretending that they are for us the people let's not be fooled my brothers and sisters minority natives Indians even Mega Kelly do not be fooled she also is wearing a devil face I'm not buying any of this van Jones if you're going to have a conversation to have some people to come on the show let us not be white supremacist I'm sorry this is what my gut is telling me this what my heart is telling me in this is the truth because I have been around these people here in Mississippi all my life they would tell you one thing and do another they will smile on your face eat at your table and do another thing not all white people most of them and these are two of them I'm very disappointed in my brother van Jones we got to be smarter got to come with tough questions you have to be tougher don't hold back this what we have done for years we hold back we tried to be respectable when we are not getting respect and it's time for black people to get some sense finally we said we know it but we bite our tongues we try to look for the money

  13. No ,Meghan ,people want you replaced on the view ,not because you are racist ,but because of your attitude,and your disrespect for others ,and their space.Always interrupting ,cutting them off. And speaking while others are still speaking ,while feeling so absorbed and entitled.

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