LIVE: Acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker testifies before the House Judiciary Committee

Live coverage and analysis as acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker testifies before the House Judiciary Committee. Read more: …


  1. Ms Escobar brought up a very important point that sending asylum seekers back to Mexico was denying them access to legal counsel. If she is also correct that lawyers wanting to represent asylum seekers had had their passports revoked, that becomes a conspiracy. Look closely at Mr Whitaker when he says he will look into this. Notice the direction his head shakes.

    Question for the Washington Post… Where are the captions? The live CNN broadcast of this hearing was captioned, but not well enough that I could understand more that about 45% of the audio. Today I could not find any captioned video online. It took hours and the help of my hearing husband to find Ms Escobar's questions in this hearing.

  2. What is very clear, is that the Trump administration is keeping the legislative in the dark regarding any investigation. There are no leakings from OIG, Hubber, and also from Mueller to a certain extent. In this oversight hearing Democrats are fixed on the Mueller probe, showing no interest in any other component of the DOJ. Are their donors and bosses panicking with the lack of news and access? Are they worried as to what these investigations might uncover and who might be hit and when? By the way, crickets coming from the FBI. It must be unnerving to the Democrats who involved themselves in the Russia-Trump collusion, narrative and FISA abuse, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation and Human Traffick in Haiti. 2020 is coming and they have no way of knowing how these investigations are going to affect their party and we can see in their lines how desperate they are. Desperate people make stupid mistakes.

  3. The House Judiciary committee chair Mr Nadler had opportunities to make this a bipartisan oversight interview, but failed to make it anything more than a partisan charade. He did not rule fairly and kowtowed to the Democrats on the committee.
    This lack of leadership is why we are no longer a united states of America; we are a divided states of America.
    The sad part also is that Mr Nadler is a Jewish-American and so many in his party fail to condemn the anti-Semitism that rears its ugly head from time to time.

  4. What I have seen over the last 45 years as an adult is that " We The People " dropped the ball years ago by voting in Con Artists who figured out that this job was and is an easy way to Manipulate, Prey upon and take advantage of the General Populations own ignorance and feelings on certain subjects, not to mention an all expense paid free ride on the backs of tax payers. Most if not all Politicians put they're Personal feelings above the Citizens in their districts and now just look what's happening. To all you Trump haters commenting here, please take a step back and really listen and watch what's really going on, and most Citizens should be very Frightened on what's taking place here in our Country. Trump might have had a TV Show but he IS NOT the Actor here, he humiliated a lot of people by getting voted to office and so far he is working for the Citizens of this Country. Now people CAN NOT say that about the left and most of the right, but the Left, I have not heard them speak of our Citizens and Our Children, Our Homeless Veterans, NO, it's nothing but Immigrants, even Illegal one's, sanctuary cities, SOCIALISM ? WTF ? Please explain to me how this can be when we know Socialism does not work, especially with Freedom. I have 4 children and believe me they don't fall for Free Everything, it's owed to you, I want to believe that most hard working citizens think like that too. It's happening because of the Lefts urgency to create a loyal voter base to vote to get them back in and stay in the White House, all for promising all Immigrants Free Gravy Train Rides on our Welfare and gov. assistance programs and the ignorant and feelings of Shame tax payer will pay for it. All the other politicians are your true Actors, they should all get Emmy's. Tell me how Trump has wronged YOU ! I will finish with this test, All people who do not want that wall built are NOT your friend and do not love this Country

  5. Another thing that's kind of funny….. these pathetic liberals keep bringing up people who are being indicted for LYING. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM WOULD BE INDICTED if they were held accountable for what they tell the voters…. HYPOCRITES!

  6. Answer the question! Why is that so hard for you, counselor? Hiding stuff? Got a date at the trump hotel later? Thank goodness this treasonous disrespectful liar is temporary, talkin about trump

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, straight out of the TRUMP CIRCUS, "The Greatest Con on Earth", presents the rude and evasive, the unbelievable dickhead, who couldn't care less for the children, the elephant in the room, DUMBO!!!!

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