Amazing Japan Aquaculture Technology Farm – Asia Eel Grow to Harvest and Processing

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  1. I hear that Japan has no respect for the fish/mammals that live in the ocean. Trying to pretend they are doing scientific work, when the rest of the world knows that they are killing endangered species of whales just to eat them. Fk the minority of Asians who make the rest of the world think they are all shallow and will eat anything. Is nothing sacred and worth preserving? They will be extinct within a few years because of greedy Asians that don't think about anything but eating a food they don't actually need to.

  2. Eel abuse.. poor eels they are just throwing them all over the place and freezing them alive not to mention chopping their heads off while they are still moving and aware ;C

  3. Aqua culture is a great way to relieve some of the burden on ocean farming. As the world population grows more innovative techniques like this eel farm will become important for survival. Good job Japan!

  4. Yeahh happy music on the murder farm. The eels are so happy with the non stop noisey filter. Just like the duck farms have a good and short sort of organic life. And then we crunch you up in black baskets then chop your head off after we stick a knife in your temple. And hey you are what you eat right emm brown gooo.

  5. Amazing japanese aquaculture technology farm! If only we in the west, could grow chickens, pigs, cattle or fish in such high intensity farming we'd be…. oh hold on……Why it almost sounds to good to be true. run off… and all the same problems with traditional high intensity farming, including fish farming. It's fucking amazing you think this is amazing. Cement tanks, they're definitely carbon neutral. FFS have you done any research for this video.

  6. – please not
    – and so it is some Japan Aquaculture Technology Farm but Amazing
    – o yes perfection
    how is possible they goes again hunting on whales
    NORWAY they are whole time idiots
    ICELAND small country 355,620 citizens
    – some tribes somewhere need food
    but Japan WHY JAPAN
    – kurac neka pojedu
    from some respect to worlds country I would be said I also do not
    – nice animal does not hurting nobody
    – is most hugest animal ever ever not your fucking dinosaurus
    – easy animal
    – beautiful animal
    now now you must be crease to hunting on them
    have said do not love so much Japan and remain to be
    boycot Japan things support life on Earth
    open letter to civilization
    – now goes now punish Japan
    – never ever buy anything from them
    – until they stop not hunting on whales
    – first boycot and then no negotiations only 100% full stop on hunting

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