4AM! Ear wax removal, January 15 2017. Gross!

I woke up at 4am to a plugged ear. Frigging Ear Wax! So I break out the pharmacy ear wax removal kit. I did ear drops first, then flushed with warm water in the …


  1. Two methods work wonders. Check them out. Ear Candling is the best method, it really pulls out the wax and next is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide – this method kills off the bad guys that form the wax in the first place.

  2. Use olive oil….always works for me (use a maintenance dose 1 – 2 times a week, or what suits your need). Start syringing and you will always need it….so try all you can to avoid if possible!!

  3. So I tried almost 2 hrs to clean my ears. Absolutely nothing. I watched this video and put my head exactly the way his was, and within seconds HUGE rocks came out and I could hear after 4 days of deafness. I was so happy I started laughing and crying at the same time! I was about to pay an ENT $40 to do this for me because I was so desperate. I've always had a terrible time with wax since I was a kid. I have extremely small ears. I can't tell you how happy I am right now!

  4. Try those canle thingies. I avoid doing stuff with my ears but after a bad cold i thought i was going deaf. No flushing, no funny angles, just let it do its magic. And if you really want to see the disgusting stuff that came out just unravel the remaining portion.

  5. A couple of hours after using Otex ear drops I then use warm tap water in a doctor designed syringe applicator. This does not direct water right at the ear drum, but in three points around the ear canal, and the agitating action dislodges the wax.
    I simply partially fill the bathroom wash basin with warm water, then draw it into the applicator, flush my ear, and repeat. It clears the wax every time and I have never suffered any ear infections over a number of years doing it this way.

  6. This has to be the least 'Gross' ear wax removal video I have seen. All that came out was a teeny tiny piece of wax. There are loads of much better gross removal videos out there.

  7. You A nut for doing that on u tube.
    That's the way its Done !
    I do it from time to time but with out no Medicine any giant syringe with hot water .
    IT WORK !!!!!
    Maybe you can make a Candle .

  8. Thanks for sharing. Will get me one of these kits as I have wore ear plugs everyday for the past two and half years and have some issues. How far do I stick the bulb in my canal? And use it at different angles correct?

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  10. 2 million people watched you clean your ear…. YOU THE MAN! Those tiny ear bulbs do not give enough pressure to jack anymore, I do it in the shower and use the handheld shower head with a fine high pressure spray. Also, it can take several days of multiple times per day to get really, really stubborn chunks out. Hydrogen Peroxide works JUST FINE most of the time, however the ear drops are a small amount better.

  11. I did this same thing awhile back when I had a blockage too but I used water as warm I could stand it to help melt and loose wax. I don't know about you but putting those drops and the water in my ear made me nauseous!

  12. i did that quite routinely and now have to deal with outer ear canal infections now and then… NOT FUN! just leave your ear alone. it can clean itself. and when a little wax clogged your ear go and see a doctor.

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