this is an update of whats been going on with my CBD case in the last couple months! thanks everybody for all the support its much appreciated the channel 19 …


  1. I was wondering how things were going for you.Thanks for the update.You're in my prayers buddy.I hope this whole mess is over soon for you,and you could shed that stupid extension cord.

  2. It's really crazy that CBD oil and tinctures are sold everywhere, are completely non-psychoactive, and yet our state not only doesn't want us to buy it but would allow filing of criminal charges. Completely outrageous. Ignorant buffoons. US Dept of Health patent 6630507 clearly calls out CBD as effective for all manner of illnesses. You'd have been better of to have had 99 grams of flower since they are charging CBD oil as felonies.

  3. Wow man thats insane. I cant believe how they tried to screw you like that. Thank god you are finally getting it taken care of..the judicial system is playing with your life and they really dont care. Its all about money to them.

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