How to Predict Stock Prices Easily – Intro to Deep Learning #7

We’re going to predict the closing price of the S&P 500 using a special type of recurrent neural network called an LSTM network. I’ll explain why we use …


  1. Bruh this video ended up confusing me more than it helped. The only redeeming part of the video is that i now know what i am supposed to look up in order to get to understand this better. Neural networks are highly complex and this nigga just zipped through at a break neck speed. Wtf lol

  2. Hello Siraj / all. I've been playing around with the software from github and well it's not much fun when the stuff don't work as expected. I really enjoy my channel I think it's very interesting, but when does the spoken word ( through what ever software { Python, Java, C++, LUA, etc.etc ) start to create app's the runs on any device. We have on the fly compilers that have been written by people. When does the AI begin to communicate with hardware and write code

  3. My mate used to have tons of heavyweight books about neural networking over 20yrs ago & had a sizeable mainframe in his bedroom (equal to 4 or 5 big refridgerators), at his parents home in Watford. Never understood a word of it. Bloody nice bloke, though!😉

  4. One question , is it possible to use neural network to estimate American option price with monte-carlo-methode ? Is anyone who has a idea or a good link for me 🙂

  5. Hey Siraj.. !! After fitting and testing LSTM model, how can I predict for the future time steps?
    For example, I have 146 years of data. I have used 100 years data for training my model and 46 years of data for testing my model. Now I want to predict the data for the next 10 years.
    Could you please share the code?

  6. Can you predict stock prices movements with ML? Possibly. Can you make money of it? Probably not. You have to incorporate trading fees, liquidity, leverage, risk management. You might have predicted correct that a stock will fall and short-sell, but a single upward tick can get you bust, depending on your exposure.

  7. Solid piece of gold.
    I'm a web developer without college degree, but learned everything by myself and I've been in the tech biz for almost 10 yrs now.
    I love finding things to learn, and the way you manage to compact so much valuable information in such a small video, is music to my ears.
    I'll soon be experimenting with machine learning and AI. Thank you very much for such valuable piece of content. Peace from Brazil!

  8. Stock prediction is very versatile, you cant predict with mathematical calculations only there is no formula for that. There are lots of factors matters for stock prices going up and low. Its just probabilistic values

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