1. before i watch this i can say i been smokin weed for 20 years and im buff and am in the same shape as highschool, but slightly buffer. im 36. i go to the gym eat right, smoke my lungs out. thats my weed story

  2. I have to disagree about the weed, It's harder to stay stick to your diet when smoke weed
    the munchies no joke. People usually put on weight when locked up due to the prison food.

  3. Tbh I am in pretty good shape, I smoke weed once a month or so.. but weed does make me lazy and eat heaps (pizza and frozen berries especially).. I wouldn't recomend it for regular use.. this is the only vid I disagree with him on.. everything else, he's on point 💯

  4. A lot of people that don't work out think they can drink or eat they way back to a healthy body…yo no matter what you can't run from the gym so hit it I hear you about diet but if u not going to gym all that diet means nothing aswell you can smoke but too much will soften your muscle tissue and give you "popcorn muscles" you'll end up with the guy with just "arms" and no cuts in your arms I stopped smoking and I don't even need to flex at all u can clearly see I'm jacked af just sayin don't be the guy with fat arms and you have to ask him if he has muscle it's disrespectful lol

  5. Real shit. Ive been smoking weed for around 6 years and the times I stopped, I gained weight because instead of smoking, I'd sit down and play video games and eat a bunch of snacks

  6. I've been smoking and working out for years now and while it's true that it strengthens body mind connection and sometimes it powers your focus, my tolerance to training is shit when I'm high so I'd really have to push myself to knock a shorter, more intense workout

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