Getting Lucky with the Doyle Brunson (T2 suited!)

I’m back with some more high stakes poker from the Wynn Macau, and finally got everything cleared off my plate so I can focus exclusively on the game. I play a …


  1. Hi Alec… can you please answer a query … The bet you made is 2.5x the pot ( approx)… how often that needs to work to make it profitable? If you are sure that opponent is going to call say 60% pot bet every single time.. aren't you losing money even if your opponent folds just half the times?

  2. Well, for starters, I'm probably not playing T2 suited from early position. Having said that, I think just about any bet on the Turn looks like a bluff. I just don't know if he would have called both a Turn bet and a River bet.

  3. That was dirty. You read villain perfectly. He did exactly what you wanted him to do. I’m sure you’d sucker most of us as well. Your story of a missed draw trying to buy it made sense (you are capable of pulling a bluff like that off).

  4. my thoughts. exploitative play. preflop probably I fold. reverse implied odds against A2 and flushes exist. flop. You could consider leading 3/4 as so many overs have to fold. Otherwise; people will overcbet this and you dont want high cards on the turn so you could check raise as you have backdoor straightdraw, flushdraw, and T/2 to barrel. If you read him to 3bet overpairs on this flop then no CR. Calling seems the third best option. Turn. If you check call flop I would lead turn slightly below half pot. He will convince himself to call with AK and continue or even raise most overpairs and BDflushdraws. Depending on your read eg timing tells on river I would bet almost pot or go for the check raise against JJ+. Leading 2x pot may also work. Hard to say. He might also bluff with AK or 78 or backdoor missed flushdraw so probably check raise to 4x his river bet may actually be the best option. Well played. I would have not dared to bet 30k so obviously great sizing.

  5. Glad you got paid, but you needed your opponent to be an idiot. There's no good reason to make that Call ($30K into a $12K Pot). Unless he had an over-pair to the Board, which I seriously doubt based on his Turn-play…he just has more $$$ than common sense.

  6. OMG guys.!! Things are going so great for me. I'm playing High Stakes Poker and crushing, I'm meditating at a professional level and crushing , I'm so happy it's unbelievable, and crushing happiness.
    Fast forward to 3am, as Alec Torelli is crying himself to sleep while masturbating watching puppy rape porn, plotting a mass shooting

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