1. Everyone wants to know how much weed you smoke a day in grams plus bong hits etc etc. I'm not saying you're old or on your way out infact i'm catching you up "40 now". At the moment you're kind of an inspiration to me unless you're a quir! Let's not go on a tandem now. You're an inspiration in the sense of your age and your smoking habit😆 I am too considering going out whilst smoking. I'll be happy with age 65 lord if I look 50 max, damn that for me would mean getting stoned every night for another 25 years😆 So how old are you JJ? You should make a video about your age, how many years you've smoked weed, how much weed you smoke in a day also explain a little about why you look a bit like an ashkenazi jew.

  2. If you're growing from seed in a small space i recommend using European over USA seed companies
    The yeilds are just too on the USA strains to make em viable and tbh i think they're a bit overrated
    I'm sick of all these fuelly/gassy/doughy/sugary/cakey terps
    When cannabis tasted & smelled like cannabis not a kids sweetie jar!!

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