1. Hi, i live in Wales (UK), and have been recently prescribed Sativex to help with increasing spasticity caused by my condition of MS. I find it helps control the muscle spasms and is fine as a muscle relaxant, but it can also relax the leg muscles too much and therefore results in one being unable to stand up safely. It comes in an oral spray form and ive now learnt to only take 4 sprays throughout the day to help my muscles and still leave enough spasticity in order for me to stand up and use my walking stroller as im not wheelchair bound as yet. Ive learnt from trial and error how many sprays to take to suit my needs, so for research purposes…. it all depends on the individuals needs and how many sprays a day will suit them. And as far as the myths go… it wont get you high, its just a simple muscle relaxant, just like alcohol. Thanks

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