What does 2019 hold for Kevin Jodrey?

Kevin Jodrey, Cultivation Director, Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt and Lance Lambert, Head of Strategy – Herbal, Boveda, sit down at the Emerald Cup 2018 …


  1. Someone connect the dots for me. Throughout all the videos through the years where I hear kev talking about “skunk projects” or “finding old profiles of the 70’s we bred out” … these varieties are still being sold by other companies and entities where they were NOT bred out / chopped for safety. Also, we know that good seeds are still around the world, how have some not been cracked already and since it’s a good enough seed to even crack in the first place, you could in theory start taking clones and running them. BAM project complete. There’s the variety right there? Why the multi – year struggle and seemingly inability to find some 40 year old genetics?

  2. This interview is 1337 lol… Seriously though, thanks for uploading these interviews, just wish you guys would cut that music out when the interviews start. It's really annoying listening to introductions through a guitar solo.

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