1. Love your videos bro. I watched your other grows and noticed you use neem, have you heard or read about neem being unhealthy for humans? By having neem in your soil does it mean your plants buds will have traces of neem when you smoke it or would the neem be present on buds only if you directly spray the neem on your buds? Wondering if you know growers that have been using neem and have report no problem at all??

  2. Hey bud. Im getting ready to make that order. Im gona order a few lights for a buddy wile i order mine. Do u guys do any kind of deals if i buy like 10 hlg v100. If not no biggy but i thought id ask. Im getting them off ur website anyway. And is the costumer service decent on theherbinfarmer.com. sry bout all the questions. I ordered lights on amazon before that arrived broke and they pretty much told me there is nothing they can do. I dont want that prob again. It makes me nervous dropping a grand on lights. U know

  3. Looking good brother! Your gonna love that Blueberry muffin. For me she stretched quit a bit in flower. She grew user led plurples with Ir and Uv but for the last month I blasted her with my Govita HPS 1000 DE. She loved it! I definitely saw a difference in growth. She really loved the hps. Great video. Im always getting inspiration from your content. Much Love and respect.

  4. So you have no worms in the bed now?? And your growing in a super soil mix ?. I have so many questions. But I also think I'm over thinking this.. I grow vegetables outside every year, and I am thinking I can take what I do outside and shrink it down to indoors…but thank you for these videao and for the I fo you share…my worms come in a week.. and I have food ready for them….

  5. Hey man ….hope your good …..gotta a question for ya if you don't mind ….I've got pH issues with my water …I won't bore you with it😬😬😬😬its driven me mad ….anyway if I bubble my water the pH goes up and up at the moment my compost tea is at a pH of 8.5 can I use it ????? This to anyone who reads it please let know thanks

  6. Frank probably partying in Canada EH😜🀣………nice work great education for us all rookies, microbial community ……the one for nono's farm lol ….workin on it my sonβ€πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ»πŸ”₯

  7. any tips on keeping the worms in the no till? everytime i add worms directly they stay for a few days then i usually find them crawling out across the floor a few days later. they always seem to stick around in the composter tho lol

  8. Going down the worm hole..into the unknown micro world…..good luck with with that ….just to much unknown..is that a pathogenic nematode or a …insect-parasitic nematode is that the same thing….lol…have fun counting them…lol…
    Oh Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  9. When I have used some sort of cover crop, inevitably when it dies back it gets pests of some variety, sometimes they go on the plants. I dont understand why more notill practitioners are not using bug repellant herbs like mint, rosemary, lavender etc?

  10. Awesome update πŸ‘πŸΌ hope you're keeping a smile on your face as well ✊🏼 looking forward to the soil science! Good vibes always πŸ’š ✌and respect πŸ‘Š

  11. I really want to get away from bottled nutrients. I don't know it just feels like no till is very intimidating. I would love to learn how to grow no till make this planet better without using nutrients from the bottle

  12. you can do 12/12 from seed in large beds..you just pull the males after around 14 days..so if you get a male just pull it and plant another seed in that area..you could then keep a truly uninterupted garden that is constantly producing bud..i call them god gardens….you can also start off seeds in small cups for the first 3 weeks..same light regime..12/12 …that way you get a nice perpetual harvest of the plants you choose..you can do rooted cuttings just the same..just dont pot them up..put them straight in the bed in the rooting cube of cup..or straight from the cloner..it will keep you plants small and compact..8 different strains would be easy enough..id tie my plants down too..its always been my dream to do large beds so the roots are never restricted..i love your grow box…i believe adding about 15% clay soil is good for this way of growing in deep beds and a natural silica called diamatacious earth or similar sounding name can be worked into the soil..

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