1. A friend of mine was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I do realize this is determined before birth, but the effects may have been delayed if he weren’t a chronic weed smoker
    We’ll never know but it’s a regret to always wonder what could have been…

  2. I smoked every day from the age of 16 to 23 and I can’t list all the negative side effects.
    The biggest was the financial loss. I have off basic calculations spent over 150k on this, basically everything I should have invested for a better future.
    Physical symptoms listed from greatest to least by effect.
    Eating (unable to eat without being high after the 2nd year)
    Stomach aches in the mornings.
    Weight fluctuations due to irregular meal times.
    Headaches and stress when unable to smoke.
    Loss of smell almost entirely
    Sicknesses would linger especially upper respiratory.

    After I quit for the first 3 months I was unable to eat very well I’d be starving take a single bite or two and be full. Food literally had no flavor or appeal.
    Stomach aches and head aches got worse for the first 2 months as I detoxed and tapered off after that for another 2 months. I still piss test positive and it’s been over a year. I would smoke dabs and weed frequently when using equating to around an ounce a week. At my peak I would took pride in smoking people under the table like a drinking contest. I would go too for rip on a bong with them until they would pass out or throw up at a party like it was nothing. After doing that for about a year straight smoking got hard to do due to the amount of damage I had done to my lungs. But I still smoked. I would wake up in the morning early just to make sure I had enough time to allow my chest to clear from phlegm and be able to smoke before going to work or start my day. I can’t stress this enough smoking should be seen as a enjoyable night Of fun once in a while. Take it from me you don’t want to go down the road I did. My life is worse of because of it.

  3. There are many upsides. However, I'm a fairly firm believer that this could be true. I have a friend who had psychosis in his family and he used it every day and a two years ago he had to get checked in to a mental hospital, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia

  4. i smoke weed fairly regularly. it helps to quiet my nerves and i'm not as angry. However… i do have mental illnesses and i do see and hear things that aren't real (even when sober)… on very stressful days i will say weed makes the hallucinations worse, but with my support system at home i personally find it worth it. at least for now.

  5. My father's marijuana use destroyed my childhood. He's been clean for years and his memory and ability to learn are still non-existent… The frustration, pain and struggle are things I could never adequately describe…

  6. I have schizophrenia PTSD and a few other disorders and the only thing that has actually helped is marijuana.. it helped me with the pain it help me get off oxycontin for pain I do believe that it's a miracle but I'm also aware of the health risks and I'm willing to deal with the health risks if I don't have to get addicted to pills again…. I love your show you guys are awesome

  7. Health doesn't work like that at all though. If you lose your physical health it has a flow on effect for your mental health. You learn to cope, but you are never the same mentally. That is not to say that those of us with disabilities are any less intelligent, but depression at least is pretty much a given if you acquire a disability.

  8. Biggest take out from this is that the physical changes weed can do to your brain happens to people who smoke before their brains are finished developing (around age of 20). Vaping doesn't have enough data go draw any conclusions yet. In USA most people vape concentrated that are in some kind of soluble solution, which is not regulated very well. Up here in Canada most of the vaporizers are for vaping flowers without combustion (no burning of flowers). These two different vape methods alone can have very different health impacts.

  9. Ray being super out of sync is ridiculously confusing. – on another note, it's already been established that vaping can be bad for you, based on the carcinogens in especially the big ones, and poorly constructed coils. Again, applying some level of sensibility to everything, especially stuff that changes a state in your body, whether awareness or otherwise, is necessary if you don't want to screw yourself up.

  10. Smoking anything is bad for your lungs, though i'm no expert on weed. Juuls are awful for you and depending on how much you use juuls they can be worse than cigarettes, I know that for sure.

  11. It would also be interesting to see if the study was designed to test whether it is the ability to remember something learned sober or the ability to when while high causing the inability to remember at a later point when sober.
    Gosh I like that you guys not only bring in the events and examine each side of the story while bringing in your own personal stories. It's a great use of logos/pathos/ethos you guys have going here.

  12. Every drug has side effects and it's silly to think that weed wouldn't. I really don't like to smoke weed at all it always makes me feel gross(just paranoid and heavy) but it does help a lot of people but there are side effects. A close relative of mine was able to get off pain management with narcotics with medically prescribed marijuana. It has helped them greatly the side effects are way more acceptable.

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