1. You are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Chant this mantra “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha” 108 times for protection. Learn more: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat

  2. Driving late at night and somehow you feel a presence with you in the car? Chant this mantra 108 times until you feel safe “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha”. Read up here: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat

  3. Can you like actually show and play the clips that you’re talking about, instead of talking over them with your monotonous voice and then only showing like 3 seconds of the clip that doesn’t even show he’s specifically talking about? It seems like this is done in several of his videos, like it kind of just ruins the purpose of the video to me. Like the video is about videos yet he talks over the video he’s talking about and we don’t know what the actual audio of the video is. Chills has great content and I enjoy watching his stuff, but I don’t get the point of making a video about videos and then not showing the subject of the video that he’s talking about. It works fine if the video isn’t about videos, but all of his videos that are focused on “Top 10 __ Videos” have a defeated purpose n Ugh yikes I’ve used the word “video” too many times now that it doesn’t even seem like a word anymore lol

  4. hate his voice was looking forward to this video, honestly its an act he's making his voice like that for publicity. also, the comment sections are for opinions, don't want opinions you don't agree with then don't leave comments open or check back on them bye

  5. FOR ANYONE WONDERING. I regularly visit The Fear Factory and the “demonic bible” was a HOAX. It was just a German cookbook they found and believed it was a demonic bible. The upstart of paranormal activity in the factory was just coincidence.

  6. Sounds way too much like a computer. Too monotonous and boring. Incase anyone says, only watching this just to see what is the scariest ghost adventures is (according to this vid), trying hard to block the narration out in my head

  7. My grandpa and his siblings played with a ouija board sometimes, and they did not get haunted or possesed. They said the board never moves. But you never hear the stories wear nothing ever happens, and people are so sensitive so they don't discredit someone else's experience.

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