The weed nerd episode 336

We check in up at Globe and the former Bowling alley now Cannabis Production Plant Lots of Grow Tips Live with tutorials Predator warfair Pedro teaches us …


  1. Nice show!! Thanks for speaking on valley feverπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―. I have it and alot of more awareness is needed. Thanks bro love your show. #Stay out of the air when digging or constructions going on the spores come out!!! #Valley fever sucks!!!! 420 meds help!!!

  2. Excellent show. Neat to see whats working with the clones. The Soilking pots do looking good. The smooth fast transition is lovely and they get happy. The pool bud room is packed full. Thanks Pedro and Sub for that rosin tech. We got some great tips there. Way to go Jose looking good man. Those fans were nice ones & that big one πŸ™‚ cheers Subby & all The Weednerds

  3. hey subcool!! growing inside of your house with out a growing tent? i'm wondering if it does affect the structure of the house with mold? you look to have a good ventilation in the grow room i guess that help a lot.

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