1. I love your reviews but for those needing to dose correctly you're best avoiding flowers over 6% CBD as they are sprayed with CBD isolate to increase total CBD content so it makes dosing correctly almost impossible

  2. Great review again man, have you tried stuff from CBDhempweed website? They have gorilla glue, lemon skunk, moonrocks and so on for £11/£14 a g. Gelato hash labelled as 'very strong' too.. But also alot of edibles such as chewing gum, cookies, lollipops and even cans of CBD energy drink haha 😂. I've ordered 2g of lemon skunk so have to wait and see fingers crossed 🤞

  3. hi mate does this stuff smell like thc weed when you smoke it sorry for the dumb question but im looking to try this for my first time and the misses wanted to know what it smells like ie does it smell like proper weed ?

  4. HebrHouse How do you know there are no harmful pesticides in the flowers? This is actually my biggest concern when vaping buds, but there is no way to find out unless you know someone in the lab. Would be interesting though to do some tests.

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