1. Ok so I have a really scary story and it happened last night. So me and my coworker decided to smoke after work and we were both off the next day so we thought we could just smoke a lot and relax n stuff.. so I took like 6 good hits from her oil pen. we listened to music, I was getting high and it felt normal and I was relaxed having fun with her. I can’t remember everything btw. But as soon as I got home when she dropped me off, I felt weird. I have anxiety so sometimes I can have a bad high and this was one of them. After I started changing my clothes, I froze. I started realizing how high I was and I was freaking out because took a lot of hits. so then my heart rate started rising, I felt my heartbeat so fast it was scary. So then I tried to sit down and drink some water but it didn’t really help, my fears were all coming down and it was showing. I was having a panic attack. After like a few minutes of agonizing fear, the scariest thing happens. I had my eyes closed to tried to relax myself and I made this noise in my head, it was a weird noise, something you’d hear in those scary YouTube videos.. the noise was repeating itself in my head and it was going faster and faster. At the point I knew I fucked up. So then I started feeling more anxious.. long story short, I went to the hospital and they had me waiting too long so I left because I felt calm. I legit just left the waiting room and went home, fell asleep and now I’m good. I’m not doing that again. 😥

  2. This shit happened to me too. Something similar happened. A week or so later I tried like 3 small hits from a blunt and it triggered it again for like an hour and I knew that it wasnt for me. Nope, I'd rather die lol.

    I've also had panics attacks after. A lot. I can trigger it if I think about it too much or if I think about whether or not I ever got out of that trip. Like an existential crisis

  3. This shit happened to me too. Something similar happened. A week or so later I tried like 3 small hits from a blunt and it triggered it again for like an hour and I knew that it wasnt for me. Nope, I'd rather die lol.

  4. I was wondering what exactly you smoke now, like what’s the strain called and how much CBd do you mix with it because I want to try it out. Same thing happened to me. I have anxiety and panic attacks now from the last time I smoked. I was

  5. I usually never get bad trips, but last night I got the WORST trip ever, I smoked 2 blunts & kept hitting a wax a good 30+ times so i was GONEEEE, i started tweaking in the car and my friend starts driving & she was like “you good?” & i started forgetting shit & spacing out, which has happened to me before but ive never freaked out but my body wasn’t reacting well to that shit like i should’ve tapped out, then im tripping the whole car ride & i start screaming at her to park the car & i walk out & start puking everywhere, the car ride home i was fucking geeked it was AWFUL, my dad was sus when i got home but i convinced him i just got food poisoning lmaooo, but i go into my room & i lay in my bed & im still tripping, my body was shaking it dead ass felt like someone shot up fireworks into my body & i started hallucinating, this shit lasted me HOURS till i finally knocked out & i woke up still high but my trip was over

  6. I took hits from a dab pen before going to school and I was tripping balls I was so scared and I didn’t know where I was I would tell my friends “call the police” “am i going to be okay” “is this normal” 😂💀 I felt like I was going to dieeee worse feeling ever and 2 days later I feel weird asf like im still highhh shit is this normal

  7. I had the same experience.it wasnt my first time I had smoked weed before. But let me tell you I smoked a lottt that dayyy . Keeping the smoking in me until my turn Would come. my friends boyfriend called and we were like sitting on some stairs and He called and they were talking on the phone and when he told her He was Sleeping . it hit me I felt dizzy I felt like I was sleeping nothing felt fucking real . I was like girl I’m feeling funny I don’t feel good then they brought me in the house . got some Coldwater then they splash of me on the back of my neck I vomited a lot but then I felt really relieved and I went home scared I change the faster I could and just slept for so long I woke up and I was still feeling dizzy and since that day when i see weed or smell it causes me vomit .. 😂

  8. I had got so high that I had to remind myself to breathe. I was breathing so fast that I kept burping. And I couldn't drink water because I felt like I was going to choke and die. So I had to repeatively splash water on my face and sip as much water as I can while I was aware. I kept saying to myself 'no one over doses on weed, right?' and that's when my life turned around lmao. Like I became aware period of my whole life, where I was in at the present , and started to really focus on my future. As like I was no longer focus on worldly matter I was in tune with my soul and the direction I should go the steps I have to take to achieve those goals.
    It was gorilla glue and I haven't smoke since.

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