Sinner Says He Drinks Marijuana Tea

Sinner Says He Drinks Marijuana Tea – Of all the herbs this guy can drink tea from, he chooses weed. This tells me something…he likes to get high. What other …


  1. Wow dude you're truly a piece of shit! Telling someone they're gonna be tortured (forever) because they use Cannabis which is legal and a proven healer! Also you have no respect for freedom of religion do you?

  2. Your tone was never better than it is in this video. No talking-down, no anger, no "mean"ness. You did a great job. I'm glad to see you're maturing. I hope to attain maturity in my witness also.

    Question though, you've likely answered this in your teaching videos, but do you believe that you still sin?

  3. I grew up with a Christian family and I didn’t get serious with God until I was 17. I’m 18 now. I guess you can say I’m a babe in Christ? All my life I heard I was always gonna be a sinner and I will always sin. And you say different, Could you explain? Sorry I’m ignorant and still learning. 😅😂

  4. Sometimes I see your titles of your videos and think it sounds a little condemning but then I hear and like the heart in your tone of voice. And your titles are honest. 👍 love you bro nice job! I also see the crazy people lol

  5. Poor dude ain't listening. I know it's frustrating when they just can't get it because they have never read a bible before. They rather feel the high & act looney on marijuana, it's his "tea" as he called it. Although let us hope the words he has heard stirs him up to at least search Jesus. You did your best Joseph, may you be bless by God Almighty. 💜💝💜💝💜

  6. Is it not okay to consume every green herb so long as we can be sober minded as much as possible but used for health and medicine…to be used in moderation in a balanced way, not to exhalt self….but GOD.

  7. The amount of just absolute garbage that you spew out of your mouth is disgusting. You spread nonsense to people that first of all don't want to hear it and second don't have to! They aren't mentally sick like you.. they don't need a fictional idea of a bunch nonsense to give them a false sense of security in life. If you sit down and go get the professional help maybe one day you'll open your eyes to reality… if not you'll continue for live in a brainwashed state the rest of your life with the cult following of mentally sick pwople

  8. Great job, I've been praying for you everyday and experiencing heavy spiritual warfare yesterday, probably because of the prayers for you hopefully God can do it some Miracles over there but the other part is Ive been going to the Mosque & the abortion clinic weekly and talking straight truth to Catholics and Muslims and others going in the clinic and they and the devil don't like it. Also pharmakea that drug connection from marijuana to the demons,. Keep up the good work great conversation with that man. I'll take your prayers as well, God bless you brother Joseph

  9. God bless you brother for preaching THE WORD OF GOD … sad this man is complitly lost… satan is in him !!! You did the best to plant a seed of JESUS CHRIST …!!🙏💕❤God bless you..

  10. The God that never was ( Jesus Christ ) .
    If you think that Jesus Christ is God then who created Moses and all of creation who came before Jesus came into existence ? When they try to crucified him if he was God how came he couldn't help himself so it means God committed suicide.?
    I wonder so many time Jesus Christ cried ( God cry 😭? ) when he was born during infancy he needed milk from his mother ( God needed milk 🍼 otherwise he would been died ) like any other kid when they get sick frequently they need yo to taken care of. ( God got ill 😷) So who helped ( God need help ) Jesus Christ who gave him natural medication like to treat him when he was sick. because sickness part of human nature and how many times. when he cried somebody need to calm God down is that human nature or God ? when Someone drink milk or eat food obviously 🙄 have to release gas and number 1 and number 2 so if anyone did and who washed Jesus when he needed washing God been washed ) he may cry 😭 to stop his mother not wash him . so Jesus Christ needed help just like the rest of us humans. God needed help more than everybody to be safe so Just look at the logic of Christianity.

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