1. I just received by Drdabber switch ! I love it ! I used the flower mode with some sour diesel, Then oil mode with Lemon OG, Sour OG, Purple Punch and Grand Daddy purp wax. Amazing unit. The smoke production even at highest setting in oil mode only produces moderate smoke. It's new, I will get it dialed in….

  2. Hi buddy i live in nj also and i go to curealeaf in bellmar. I noticed that you smoke alot of dabs but my despensory doesn't sell dabs. What dispensary do you go to because i didnt know that you could get dabs in nj.thanks

  3. I agree, pain is unbelievable and unbearable. I have to Spurs on my spinal cord that rub together all time. So I'll pray for you Senior Stoner and I watch you everyday!! I think you Cool!! Keep puffing.

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