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  2. I completely agree, I have pulled all my money out of Cannabis, and put a lot into Crypto / blockchain technology, and I also got into Clean burning diesel engines CCTL, IMIN, BTSC, HIVE, AND DYA respectively. I did however hold onto one bio-pharmaceutical company that does cannabis research, TBP.

  3. The reason I feel confident about the cannabis market in Canada where I’m from is for a few reasons. First and foremost I have been a user of marijuana for 15 years and I know firsthand the popularity of the products and what it can do for people. Second is in October the supply could not meet the demand and stores were sold out which caused the stock to plummet because people are getting their orders filled. To me that is a great sign and when these companies get their crap together into 2019 or 2020 finally start meeting that the demand with their Supply internationally, I can see great returns for investors in this earlier year. Third is the fact that marijuana isn’t just a recreational drug like cigarettes or alcohol, this product crosses sectors into the pharmaceutical, Recreational, textile, and food industries all on its own. It really is a beautiful and misunderstood product but I have faith over the next 2 years, With more public education and understanding, that marijuana will be very successful

    I am emotionally prepared for the long term hall with cannabis and I understand that it will be volatile and up and down for a few years, but in the long run it is going to pay off huge. Let’s keep it simple, Almost everybody loves weed.

  4. I will be carefull about Snapchat … Still know people who use it ? it kind of faided away. Good video 🙂 same apply to crypto Btw. we are 95 % down and it could stay like that for years to let people exit because they just give up before another bubble

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