Nationalism in the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari at the India Today Conclave 2018

In the twenty-first century, humankind faces a set of unprecedented challenges, such as nuclear war, climate change and technological disruption. Are nations …


  1. The only thing good that can be seen from nationalism is the fact that many nations are diverse and certain nations have multiple communities within them. The only way of nationalism having a positive global impact is if in the individual nations more communities mix better rather than segregation within nations if there is segregation within nations it’s drawing lines like are drawn on the globe the reason for war and the sense of entitlement. If all resources are shared well aspirations of war will be less and resources can be used to maintain on planet for life.

  2. Ram sethu bridge? What nonsense.
    Interviewer was indeed an embarrassment, very typical of us — indians. Particularly the way she attempted to get endorsement for shallow Indian spirituality from that great thinker of modern times.

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