1. this is officially my favorite channel on yt, everyone they cast are so mature and open-minded. it's very entertaining to watch their videos, sometimes their content's even informative and educational.

  2. @ 2:14 the captions have the ex telling the new gf "yeah,chase a harlot." When she really said "yeah, chicks are hot"😂🤣😂.. couldn't find my ear buds so had captions on while trying to get my kid to fall asleep.

  3. Is nobody going to comment on the fact that is sexual assault, even if you are in a relationship, when someone says "I'm not ready for that" and the other personen does it anyway….. Doesn't matter with which body part. A no is still a no.

  4. What the f…..like I didn't even notice the wheelchair till she mentioned it….just a beautiful girl crippled for life cause of a retarded drunkard
    P.S. ( And that's how gentle-ladies settle conversation)

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