[MUST WATCH] | The Jonathan Kleck’s Demonic Teachings & Doctrines of DEVILS!

I have been aware of Jonathan Kleck being a False Teacher for several years now and I’ve always been held back from creating a content about him… I figured …


  1. A TRUE Prophet of Almighty God has one mission.. And that is to tell people to Repent, prepare for the soon return of Christ and pronounce Gods coming judgments upon a land, country, nation or whole world if so. And Kleck does neither of those!

  2. Check out: https://youtu.be/hPK2VkVz3ns
    I saw kleck do the satanic hand gestor. Hes too infixated in the vagina and penis that I get tired of hearing it over and over again….just saying. I learned a few things with the pictures, zummies and exposing the Vatican structure etc. He didnt convince me on Trump and the spear coming out of vaginal on the Trump shield. What about the verse he shared that we are gods?

  3. His Newest video he calls himself "Mike," it's true I have watched the persons video exposing this and also went to the original and also the Closed Captioning. This is not a popular subject because so many are being deceived by these false teachings. WE ARE NOT FALLEN ANGELS, THE SCRIPTURES DECLARE IT… JESUS BLESS! 2 Peter 2:4 . Link to video: https://youtu.be/Th0Qf2vUcVs

  4. We definitely can draw from the teachings of higherness (intuition) to see that we live in the times of false prophets. Those individuals whom make claims of being under the LORD and want to show you truth when our intuition (higherness) is telling us the opposite.This guy seems like maybe he might be suffering from drug endused psychosis. His body language as well a s his speech have a definite sales man or con man tone. Due yourself a favor and put this guy out of his misery. May the LORD be with us all every step of the way!

  5. Satan's children twisting GOD's word to fool the sheeple! Kleck is a fool working for satan and I figured this out long ago. Sadly satan and his children are going to be taking a lot of souls to the lake of fire with them. Oh well, that is what you get when you don't put all your Faith from your Heart in the Death, Shed Blood, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to Atone for all your lousy sins against GOD; therefore, to the lake of fire you go! What a HUGE price to be paid for ignorance!
    Love 4Truth!

  6. Thank you for this video, my husband checks fleck out and I get so upset he said that he is healing people now and for anyone that does not believe him God has shut the door AND WE GO TO HELL THIS MAN IS EVIL please continue to expose him.

  7. Seriously he wears the shirt to show people an example, he talks about what’s in the photos to show you what’s really there. I have watched every single video of Jonathan’s and you clearly are without understanding. He is not obsessed he’s using repetition and the imagines drawn by evil people to show you their meanings. If you can’t see that then I’m sorry you’re truly blind. He also uses the Targum to look up every single word in Hebrew and Greek meanings, not sure how anyone can argue that. I watch this video and I see how clearly you have misconstrued so many things already. I’m truly saddened by your blindness. I’ll be praying for you. Better be careful of what you’re doing.

  8. How is it you den of vipers understand nothing Jonathan Kleck is talking about yet he’s telling you we as Christ followers has been given the power to tread on serpents….
    He shows people the Vatican is in the shape of a serpent…
    The Vatican is the head of the false Church!!
    Wake!! Up!! Come out of her my people!!

  9. I think you are correct. I think he is pre occupied with sex and his videos are not wholesome. He could provide his message without the over the top graphics. I had to turn off one of his videos not far in. Thank you for confirming this for me

  10. I may be completely wrong in my impression of him but I don’t think he is intentionally deceiving people. I assume that he actually believes what he is saying but doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend at home to keep him grounded. I have met many different types of people in this world who I want to dismiss as completely insane but because of my wife, (and others) I have learned that everyone does not think or communicate in the same way I do. I am an an analytical left brain thinker. I keep things simple and clear. Jonathan Kleck seems like an artistic right brain thinker. I could be wrong and maybe he is possessed by Satan himself but I have never walked away from one of his videos wanting to commit evil; (mostly just extremely confused about what on Earth he was talking about).

  11. Well the bottom line is the Bible has been supernaturally changing words on paper and now people are teaching false teachings from these changes like now it says Jesus told His disciples to bring them forth to slay them and it now says we are gods ! Also I noticed he has a lot of errors mixed with truth I think he genuinely believes his errors I don’t understand I just hope we all pray for him instead of trying to destroy one another

  12. The person who made this video is taking everything out of context, that is why he had to show you very short edited clips of Jonathan. Anybody can splice together 10 second clips of anybody and make them look like an idiot. All I noticed was how bad of an "EXPOSED" video this was, and I was actually interested in if Jonathan was a deceiver. Now it just confirms a little more that Jonathan may be on to something. Don't listen to this idiots pathetic video for your information, go watch Jonathan's entire videos "in context" and decide for yourself.

  13. And only cult leaders threaten people. And usually it’s to Hell. It’s all to scare you and control you. And to stop people from exposing him. Look he commented on yours. But will only use the usual bible verses to brainwash and put a spell on his cult following. No one. Not one man can condemn you to hell period.

  14. I heard that Freemasons either gotta pick vampires or werewolves. The guy had a coffee on his wall people. I know he explains it away but if it was someone other then JK you all would have run from that person. Read the BIBLE people.

  15. He exposes Satan’s fruit in this world not the salvation that is found in Jesus. And picks apart the Holy Bible to push is lies. And other blasphemous books. Fables.

  16. Where in the KJV does it say that CAIN & ABLE are TWINS??? PROVE IT. YOU CAN,T KLECK. He also says if I am NOT. And No where in the KJV does it say that it,s a unforgivable sin either. People know your BIBLE. The only sin that is unforgivable is BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit. That is God*/Christ Jesus*. He has no clue on what he says. Not to a Prophet, and he is not one. He has way too many people confused. WHY, Because they are to lazy to pick the Bible up and read it for them selves. That,s WHY

  17. Sorry!… Jesus was speaking to the Saduces…and, Stephen BenDenoon explained that, how the Jews say that they are Jews by their mothers, not their fathers, because 'something' snuck into the bloodline. Johnny should know that much. Jesus wasn't speaking to all.

  18. I just watch this video and I have to say that if you’re a Christian, then you have not been given the discernment of truth. Just because someone every so often makes a hand gesture, it doesn’t mean that are a Freemason. I sit in business meetings and make the same type of hand gestures. My pasture was talking the other day about the Texas Long Horns and flashed the Devil Horns to
    the audience, does that make him a Satanist?

    Regarding that we are children of the Devil. Did the Bible not say that we are children of the Devil in John 8:44? “44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in
    him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Why did you skip right over that? Don’t you know that until you give yourself to Christ and get reborn of the spirit that you are going to hell? You are either a Sheep or a Goat. If you are a Sheep, then Jesus and the Lord God are your Father. If you are a Goat, then you serve Satan and Satan is your father.

    The Strong's Concordance definition of Beguiled – to seduce wholly, deceive. Meaning of Seduce: entice (someone) into sexual activity. How is this a lie?
    Regarding your dispute that we are not a type of Fallen Angel. Can you please explain what Jesus meant when He said in John 8:17. “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? Why would Jesus call us Gods if our souls were not some type of angelic energy that came from Heaven? And if you believe that the bible is the word of God and Jesus said that we are Gods (angles) from
    heaven, did we not fall from heaven into this mother goddess system (The Queen of Heaven)?Are you really calling him an occultist because he is wearing a shirt that has a double headed phoenix? Are you saying that every Russian citizen is a Mason or an Occultist, or any person that wears Under Armor or an Adidas shirt is an occultist? Those symbols are used by the Occult also.

    I’m just going to caution you about coming against people who you may not understand or comprehend. I can tell you that since I was reborn of the spirit, I walk in the light and have no fellowship with darkness. I was led to Jonathan Kleck from a supernatural dream that I had and knew was from the Lord. And when I was saved, I did have light and energy come down upon me that transformed me, very similar to what JK has described in his testimony. Every physical injury had been healed and every craving for alcohol or caffeine was gone. That is how I know in my spirit that the Lord has been leading me to all truth. But like you, I have always questioned the information that JK has revealed, because it's in opposition to what we have been taught in church. I have prayed constantly to the Lord for discernment. Every time that I have prayed about JK, the Lord has confirmed to me the he is a loyal servant of the Lord and he can be trusted. But after listening to everyone come against
    him and calling him a false prophet, I once again started to question myself. So, one day while I was driving in my car and praying to the Lord for discernment. I gave Him and impossible task and asked Him, “Lord, if what JK has revealed about what happened in the Garden of Eden when Eve had sex with he Satan is the Truth, then give me a confirmation by showing me an Ouroboros
    before I get to my destination. I figured that an Ouroboros would be the best example of the “twin system” and the nature of duality and our fallen condition that JK has been showing us in his videos. Just as I turned the corner about 100 yards from my destination, there is was on the side of the road. Someone had created a piece of art by welding steel plates in the form of a snake or dragon eating his tail. The piece of steel art was rusted, but you could clearly see what it was. You cannot make this up if you tried. Right then I said to the Lord, “I will never question whether or not if JK is the real deal again”.
    I suspect that you have not prayed and asked the Lord for discernment regarding JK. It seems to me that you are relying on your own personal understanding of what you have learned from religion and other videos on Youtube. I would suggest that you take it to the Lord for yourself and stop listening to people who are coming against him and calling him a false prophet. Just because you may not see or understand the information that JK is showing you right now, it doesn’t mean that it’s not true or you won’t in the future if you pray on it.


  20. I defend Jesus Christ because in this world he is the ONLY one ever mocked. And he used JK to convey it and give the keys 2 kindgom 2 whoever wanted the truth. Scrolls open. Nothing satan can do about it.. I sure wouldnt have done what uve done.

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