1. LOL Google is censoring weed videos now…

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  2. To tell the difference of GMO weed you need to smoke it in a new clean pipe or a clean bong and be able to see the the resin after smoking a gram or two, the resin is thin, very thin like water and has a chemical taste to it of ejuice if it gets in your mouth, resin is thick as tar it builds up slowly over many grams smoked through it, people used to clean out their pipes and bongs and smoke that crap, if its GMO weed going through the pipe then the tar is just like water almost, it doesn't build up thick and just starts to flow down the pipe into mouth if not cleaned a lot.

    Tar is pot is 7 times more than cigarettes, the tar is where the absorption of chemicals leach into our bodies and not as much as the smoke directly inhaled, so if the GMO weed is 100 times thinner resin in the pipe and flows around like water, than it does the same thing inside your body, thinner tars, quicker delivery system and absorption rates into the organs and blood brain barrier!

    To grow weed in Canada for the government or for yourself, they force you to buy seeds from the government, this was from day one over 20 years ago when they allowed patients to grow their own but they had to buy seeds from the Government, hmmmmmm, they just changed the laws here but I'm pretty sure if your still in the old pot program (they extended 5 more years) you have to buy seeds still from Government for your first grow, it is in the contracts and applications before and after signing. Now they are forcing patients to buy online from government approved places only and at one point was only 4 websites up last year, four! Talk about monopolizing or administrating a certain strain to the public!!!!! Plus the weed is crap still, you can watch canada medical weed unboxing videos all over youtube and the crap is crapola to the max, which should tell people something right there, if they don't care about quality and don't care if you buy again, then smoking it just once must do the job intended.
    Just some food for thought (like Moringa Leaf Powder, 20 grams of this stuff is like 3 full meals)
    Much Love and God Bless

  3. Bayer purchased Monsanto shortly after this video release. https://www.bayer.com/en/advancing-together.aspx
    Monsanto had already aquired Scotts Miracle Grow, which is parent company of General Hydroponics and now also Botanicare, two of the most established hydro fertilizers. Scotts Miracle Grow had purchased into Hawthorne Gardening Co back in April, which includes Gavita, Can-Filters and Sunlight Supply(!). Bayer has seen the movement towards medical cannabis and is getting set to take all the funds available. It doesn't matter if we're growing our own, they're going to have a monopoly on supplies.

  4. Dont smoke dispensery weed its being sprayed you can smell and taste it. They are trying to poison people slowly. Dispensery weed isnt even quite real it barely gets you high. These nerds are smoking it like crazy. They think its strong. Its not its garbage.

  5. I live in Vegas and there is GMO’s everywhere in the grocery store in the buffet and I may be where there’s no GMO’s if you’re paying over $100 a meal each just saying because I have lived here for 30 some years and I do smoke marijuana and I don’t want Gia mowing it and I’m sure they’re going to let it out in the streets and secretly put it in the dispensaries

  6. My sister suffered a massive asthma attack and was without oxygen to the brain for 6 min. she was in an induced coma for a week, the brain energy is horrific and once woken she had uncontrollable spasms and her knees would hit her face bloody lip and all she would go a couple of days with no sleep we got CBD oil the hospital does not carry it and by the Grace of God she went to sleep and woke up with no spasms and I'm convinced it healed that part of her pain that was causing the crazy jerking. I see why you cant help talk about CBD it's a powerful healing plant that's even safe for infants made by our creator.

  7. It’s too big of a market to not fuck with. At the end of the day, all the sick fucks in control want is to keep the control. Cannabis frees people in multiple ways. That simply cannot happen under big brothers watch now can it

  8. Youtube like Netflix only allows pedo porn. that all they are into us normal people can't say how sick they are – you are suppose to just take it and allow this to continue. i'm done

  9. As a matter of fact I tried to share this video with a friend of mine who is an important topic and he said next time I send him a video to send him on to somebody who's actually going to inform people and not cry about being picked on. If you want people to show your videos you need to stick to the content at hand instead of going off on these tangents it's counterproductive

  10. kinnigan…. you are very informative and there's a lot of information on your channel that you don't find other places I just wish that you would focus more on the information at hand instead of bitching about people that are making comments on your videos….. I know it's offensive and all of that but honestly you get so caught up in bitching about them that you waste most of your video doing that and for me personally I find myself waiting for you to get back to what you were saying that was informative don't let these Shiels provoke you. And it all truth my friend nobody wants to watch videos of somebody bitching about being picked on I don't mean this to offend you I'm wanting to get back to what's important and that is the informative videos God bless

  11. So what weed is contaminated? I smoke a “loud and clear “ pen with sativa oil and only one or two hits a day! Make me feel like a synthetic high and not right in the head, kinda negative. I prefer a green homegrown J I guess. Must just be me. Anybody else feel weird with vape pens? Nobody’s addressing which weed is GMO. Thanks for the vid, very awakening 👏👏

  12. That freaking stinks, pure poison i am sure. My state is still very ILLEGAL ON EVERYTHING. """ "GOD BLESS TEXAS"..please build the wall…i am very scared of so many people coming to my tiny town

  13. My friends didn't believe what you said not to say I don't. It's is true that they put poison on people's food. He thinks that putting GMOs helps the food and making more available with out the stuff dying. So he rather have copy foods instead of real food. He also said that weed already has GMO because it's been with different weed dealers and they do they own thing to make the weed better but I think it's like breading. It's not with GMO because I look this up. And he thinks it is and we always argue about it. Once he saw this video and told me what I told you, I just let it go so he can fine the truth himself. Because the reason even have GMOs in the first place is because the healthy goods are dying and he does not see that, he only see science doing good even though it's the Devil science and not the spiritual science. I would like to know what you think about this about me and my friend.

    Great video by the way. He says he awake but I don't think he's fully awake but that's me. I just say this so I can know and tell people about it because I do see the BS of GMOs

  14. Grains are the worst. Low fat is too. Paleo is good but grass fed beef not grain fed. They feed cows grain which makes them big but really sick and kill them just before they're about to die. And we eat grains? More pharma dollars or should I say shekels??? 😲

  15. Kinninigan 2.0 Dude, you are misinformed about Google not allowing people to advertise CBD oil. Jimmy Church of Fade To Black Fame advertises the stuff on his show every single episode, sometimes twice per episode. And he streams his show Live on his YouTube channel. They would have stopped him and he surely would have said something by now, they are a major sponsor of his.
    Plus, it is legal in all 50 states as long as it is derived from Hemp instead of Cannabis.
    Plus, Monsanto can't patent Cannabis DNA, it is against Patent law to try and parent something that grows naturally and it doesn't require any special processing for it to work or be beneficial. They can try and create a synthetic version that is slightly different in chemical structure, and then patent the method and formula. That is about it. It is why The Rockafeller Foundation went to such great weekend effort to damn it and and create fear around it, and make sure when the drug schedule system was created that it was a schedule 1, meaning no known redeeming medical value. Making it so difficult to get permission to test it that it that for many years nobody bothered to. It's also why the AMA is crying about how CBD is going to cut into their profits.

  16. Monsanto/Bayer has been behind the entire push to demonize legitimate prescribing physicians, personal use marijuana, and anything that cuts into their cash flow. The insiders in Washington and every State gov't have been 'investing' in Legalized Marijuana for decades.

  17. This is how i feel about the legalization here in Canada. I'm glad i quit pot several years ago……. because i'll tell ya, if i still had a habit, i'd only be buying off of my dealer. I don't trust big bro weed… who knows how they are cultivating it and what they are spraying and irradiating it with. They always veil their evil acts behind the disguise of freedom and doing right by the sheeple! I wouldn't give them a penny and would continue to buy off black market. Yes they want a monopoly on cannabis, and i too believe Bayer MONSATAN will patent it with their Frankenshtein strains. Its the archon hijack everywhere you go. More and more their synthetic world is turning into our world and unfortunately apathy still reigns.

  18. Enough is enough, Monsanto is fucking nothing about organic, mother fuckers, fuck them, bad enough they own all food now they want this, they fucking want it all and people, or sheeple, whatever,

  19. Amen Kinni ! Big Pharma has killed thousands and thousands ! Next month will be a full year that I went off of 15 years of OxyContin-Codone, for pain management. Anyway thanks to Kratom and CBD oil it’s been almost a year and I am doing fantastic now . My mind is making connections like never before . I feel like the lines have been cleared when I pray to God . He has linked all of my childhood to what’s happening now and what is about to happen . I can’t explain it just that it’s miraculous . I know this would never have happened had I stayed on those drugs . Also I went off my antidepressants also , we eat all organic and use charcoal toothpaste , also B-17…..Love you Kinni you make my day ! ❤️

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