Long-term Outlook & Price Targets for the US Stock Market 1-25-19

This video provides technical analysis focusing on the long-term charts to identify potential & likely long-term price targets for the U.S. stock market.


  1. gotta admit though, the bulls are definitely defending the 263 lvl in the SPY today (Monday the 28th) With AAPL on deck Tuesday, probably a lot of bulls hoping for a lift based on AAPL's earnings.

  2. One thing I think you should point out to your viewers is that you use LOG charts – most amateur traders use linear charts and they see things like parabaolics and dont realize most parabolic chart formations are from not using charts correctly. A parabolic linear chart is usually a straight line on a log chart people indicating a steady an even rise percentagewise over time

  3. I haven't had time or inclination to watch the video. It's 00.09 on 28th January (GMT). The market will now crash, with the big crash days coming on 4th-6th February. SPX into the 1800s. Will be fun, I'm loaded with Vix calls and QQQ puts.

  4. I think RF places to much emphasis on divergence. It is natural for price momentum to fall as price rises, but price can keep rising anyway for a long time.

  5. In 2000 and 2008 we were in a recession… inverted yield curve, the LEI going down. There is a big difference in a recessionary bear market and the non recessionary bear market or severe correction. I think we are far from a recession but we are slowing and could go in a recession in 2020.  BTW, the 2011 decline was not considered a bear market the SP500 was down 19.4% on a closing basis.

  6. Good stuff as always. Looking at the NQ futures, its interesting to see that in October while near all time highs NQ also put in the largest monthly volume I can find. It was MUCH higher than any other volume candle. This is on trading view charts under NQ1, which rolls for front month I believe. I dont trade futures.

  7. As always trade against This guy. As long as this guy is short I feel so relaxed with my long. I have my money 100% invested in long. I will go short when this guy flips to long

  8. I really enjoy your videos, please continue the great work. I really do appreciate what you are doing to educate those who wants to make the right decisions on their financial future.

  9. Randy has really great videos and great tech chart analysis but he jumps the gun all the time. Rule #1 don’t guess, wait for the sign/signal of a trend change!!!!!!!! You guys should’ve never short this
    market before a trend change! This market is going higher than you can imagine my dudes so hold on tight!

  10. Great video, thanks for the free analysis/information it is very useful. SPY down to around 215 levels definitely does seem possible especially from a technical standpoint

  11. Got stopped out of sqqq for a 2% loss today . Ouch ! I agree with you I think we're in a secular bear market and I was wondering if you thought we would ever touch the October first hi or not? If we ready to plunge and be looking for a place to hop in short again. Once it starts it's going to be hard and fast. Just getting that first day is the key to staying short and not getting stopped with a loss. Keep us informed please. Like to join

  12. Randy is there a chance to have one more leg up (multi month wise)? Some Elliot "experts" count the October's top as the end of W3. Also I'm expecting an ABC correction with wave B between 2700-2800 which hasn't finished yet. After that, a leg down to 2100-2000. Wave 5 should start from there. That also fits with the 38.2% retracement you have showned in the video. As usual thanks for sharing your insights (y)

  13. beginning of a bear market? we already had a bear market in Dec, now we are coming out of it… I think the worst is behind us. It's likely we are heading to the 200 DMA at 2740-50 area. If that holds then it's going to be very positive.

  14. Thank you, Randy. I have been scaling out of equity into cash and treasuries in my retirement account. Just feels like I am doing this way too early. Too many shorts and negativity out in the market

  15. Whether on YouTube, Twitter, or Reddit, there are bear and bull traders out there all with a very convincing thesis. The market doesn't care about how convincing your analyses are. The market just does what it needs to do regardless of how good your analysis is. Right now, the bulls are in full control. It is entirely possible that the bears could suddenly step in and crash the market, but the probability of that happening is very unlikely.

  16. On the logarithmic chart you use, there is a clear long term trendline break, but if you use a regular chart, then the 2009, 2011, 2016, and 2018 lows all connect perfectly. Do you find one better than the other?

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