1. New sub! I just got interested in cbd flower, distillate, etc. and I found your channel. Really entertaining commentary. So here’s the scoop: I’ve been dealing with panic disorder for the last 4 years. Docs put me on all kinds of dangerous meds that made more problems than they solved. Now they’re weaning me off which is pure fuckin’ hell. I’ve been out of a job, can’t drive, friends don’t wanna speak to me anymore, shit is bleak. On top of that my mom is dealing with the side effects from her breast cancer treatments. FYI she’s in remission BUT she works for the VA hospital here in NC so she gets random drug tests. Anyway, what would you suggest to us? We have plenty of CBD shops here in Asheville and sell some of the strains you’ve mentioned in your videos. I keep seeing a lot of articles about people failing tests using cbd with .3% and below thc content. I’m glad I found your channel though. You’re super funny and makes livin a littler easier. You’ve got yourself a loyal subscriber. Best regards, Seth

  2. smoking legal sounds like a good name im gonna have to order some lifter soon monrow hemp company sour space candy was good i been looking for something that has a more mary jane taste im gonna need to get some grape rillos and i get the same effect that calming feeling whats your favorite bud from monrow and hope you enjoyed ya weekend man and keep on giving us that good content man

  3. The ISO setting on your camera is too low, and the fact that it changes itself means its on auto. You have to manually shoot and adjust your ISO for your lighting situations.

  4. I’m stealing that jingle lol. I tried pine berry and it was great out of a leaf roll but tried it in a swisher and it was trash….very strange. Tweedlefarms has a lot of new strains so I’m definitely looking forward to trying something else. Keep going with the vids

  5. Your cams dark because of the really bright back ground so your camera has trouble figuring out what to expose properly for until you put your arms up and fill the frame more. I shoot vids so I’m a nerd when it comes to cameras

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