Kurt 75 Days Clean/Sober! Never Turn Back! Detoxed In Jail!

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  1. Right fuckin on Kurt!! I don’t know how you did it except the faith of the Lord. I’m 64 days clean praise God. I try to keep up with you guys and a few others in the recovery family. Keep it up and inspiring others to get and stay clean.

  2. Glad to see Kurt out, D. He’s gotta continue rewiring his brain. It’s damn easy to get complacent. I’ve been there! Read and feed your mind Kurt. Learn about this beast and how it’s changed your thinking. I read “Recovery” by Russell Brand, “the Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, “Can’t Hurt Me,” by David Goggins and many more self discovery books. Don’t get distracted from the mission ahead. Work the steps and do the work brother. D, give you wife my regards. She’s a G getting those gifts perfect for the fam while everyone is sleeping. Merry Christmas Lamberts! Sending you love from Los Angeles, CA.

  3. Tremendous, merry Xmas, I have 3 days today detoxing during Xmas, using Suboxone but it only takes about 50% of withdrawal cuz of how strong this fentanyl shit is , God bless

  4. Wow, the Lambert boys together again! You two are hilarious and I can see how much Derek love his "little" brother Kurt and vice versa. I hope this is it for Kurt and will follow Derek's path to sobriety. Praying for you guys. Merry Christmas! 🌲👍

  5. I tried to quit opiates with Gabapentin and Lyrica. Then I had to use extra dope to come off of that stuff. The withdrawals from those are just as bad if not worse. Now I am 67 days clean. After a 12 year opiate addiction. It can be done! Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks Kurt and Derek for doing what you do.

    From St. Paul MN

  6. Merry Xmas guys..glad you got out on Xmas..Kurt you got the head start you need..I was in jail last thanksgiving & Xmas & it sucked..but I did 120 days & had to withdrawal in jail off herion,alcohol,meth & benzos but I'm glad it happened..I needed that head start as you have now..your right it took over 50 days to start eating & sleeping good..but be careful cause the monster is still outside the door..I got out on probation in 4 counties so have piss tests randomly..I completed 1 of them & iop treatment..are you on probation? Please take this huge gap of sobriety as a blessing..it's just beginning so stay focused..good luck & congratulations..merry xmas

  7. Merry Christmas!! Glad to see Kurt is out and in the right mindset! Get to those meetings! I am sad that I missed the livestream. I sure wish you could do this full time too…You always make me feel better when I watch your videos! Everyone having problems please hang in there. You can do it…If anyone needs to talk feel free to message me too if you can't get a hold of Derek, or if you want to speak to a woman in recovery! XOXO

  8. Kurt welcome home!! You’ve got an amazing big bro in Derek who literally has been like a home detox expert for me with his fb posts n YouTube videos and documentation of his progress. You may think that people don’t want to hear from you but trust me, they/we/I do… you’ve got more days/weeks clean than I do so it’s really inspirational to see the change and you know this cos you’ve been through it before.. neverthelesss because we are wired the same way to deal with particular emotions and feelings, we have to actively find alternate healthy and productive means to deal with such things. Anyways, my thoughts are with you guys and your families this Xmas and NY.. love from oz!

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