1. Are you from San Antonio 😆 I feel like you are lmao . This storytime environment sound like it plus the way you described Alternative school because I’ve been there for weed I can relate ,waking up at like 5am to get on my school bus by 6 and being searched in the mornings 24/7 😴

  2. Yeah bro u have to drink water and eat your chlorophyll and study, stay drug free or you'll fail at school. I think smoking a little weed here and there won't do u any harm while in high school tho. We all need to escape this fukd up reality sometime 💯

  3. Damn nigga I’ve done some stupid shit but I never got caught lol, but shit bro you hella young. Stop tryna impress niggas on the street and just kickback with the homies try and teach yourself and the homies not to do stupid shit and all that. Shit it’s a shitty place to live in a world like this but you gotta do your thang and focus on gettin yourself out that shit lol

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