Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market

Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market: High Society British people use Nitrous oxide more than any other country in the world, and it recently became the …


  1. "So the new psychoactive substances turned you into a drug dealer?"
    "Basically, yeah"
    "I feel like a criminal for doing something that, yeserday, was fine for me to do"

    Dont fucking glorify yourself – you sell a drug, illegal or not!!! you are destructive for the society, you degerenate

  2. Being a recreational user since 1996, I find the way nitrous is being used often cheapens the experience. When I started with it back then I used to abuse it I developed a full blown habit, ended up shoplifting it and dealing it. I was chasing a short high and going through several boxes in a night. By 1998 I realised there had to be a better way. Nitrous is not a cheap party thrill, it’s a genuine entheogenic gate way to the fourth dimension. In the right setting each one can last up to half an hour depending on whether you have had LSD. Setting is everything, people should shut up when someone is inhaling, don’t break their train of thought. Nitrous is one of the most beautiful profound drugs known to humanity.

  3. they’re trying so hard to make this look intense. this is some weak bull shit. barely lasts 4 seconds. and this dealer tryna talk all sketchy like he’s selling hard drugs.

  4. In UK if you caught by police using drugs they will just send you to rehabilitation center !!! That's all !!! But in China they will send you to highway to heaven for ever with one way ticket!!!!

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