1. One of the reasons I fail is because I have to plan and prep for myself and then my family. We have seven kids together and 5 of those kiddos are super picky. One of my children, since 1yr of age won't touch any type of fruit or veggies. It's hard to believe, but what you read is what it is. I started weight watchers and for the past few days I've learned that it doesn't feel like a diet and I CAN FINALLY share the same meals as my family, but I'm having trouble portioning and meal planning. I lack in those two areas… if I can make progress this coming week I think I can prosper. Pray for me! Because its been a long painful and depressed road of guilt, binging, tears, inflammation, and anxiety ALL in the middle of my multiple yoyo health journeys. I'm tired and I love the feeling of not feeling like I'm being restricted. This seems like the plan for me and never have I felt like God was talking to me through someone else's weightloss success video! Thank you felicia! Much love on your success! May the good Lord continue to bless you & yours!😌& everyone else down their weightloss journeys!💓🙏🙌

  2. I use the wonderlist app to do this! You should check it out. Kind of the same idea with doing it in your notes but you can categorize it! Thanks for the inspiration! You are amazing. Great job!

  3. That’s the trouble I have, I do 2 weeks at a time. And i gave $200 to try and stretch for the two weeks. So getting all the extras, smart cakes, built bars, protein shakes, sweet treats… I know they would help me but I can’t afford to take it out of our regular grocery money 🙁 so I have to figure that one out… but for real we live the same life lol

  4. What about what you're serving with these things? So I have no trouble thinking of a main thing, like the chicken. But then I think I have to come up with sides and then that's where I get overwhelmed.

  5. Omgosh that's exactly how I do it!!! 🙂 I use the Walmart pickup app and I can add what I need through the week. At the end of the week I hit pick up and boom my groceries are done and I just have to pick them up.

  6. I would love to see a video where you compare specific meals you ate before you started your weight loss journey to the weight watcher version that you make now, and the WW points difference.

  7. Thank you for your tips. I've been drinking Premier Protein now for two months for breakfast and I LOVE IT! I hate to eat in the am and the chocolate shake tastes delicious. Thanks for getting me inspired to meal plan again. I need to keep it more simple so I will do more cooking. My mother was Martha freakin Steward. LOL! You ROCK!

  8. Very Helpful and great idea to keep it simple and only a menu and purchase for the week….i DO get my self overwhlemed by trying to plan to far. Thanks for the Videos, love them!

  9. Thank you for sharing. I do it the same way almost. I have 4 kiddos and I have to go more than once a week. I envy you guys that only need to go once a week. With two teenagers boys we always seem to be out of stuff. Gotta supply food for all the friends as well

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