Heroin Withdrawal: What going cold turkey feels like?

We’re discussing how it feels to go cold turkey through heroin withdrawal. We’re going into how you feel, how long it takes, and how we successfully achieved it!


  1. I'm now in my 3th day withdrawal from heroin and methadone.. I do it becouse I love that Shit. But now I know why I feel so bad you have to understand that is only your fault!!!! The only person who put you in to difficult time it's yourself!!!!!

  2. Thanks guys. I've been on a pain management program for about 2 years now. I have an illness that cause me such intense pain, I can't describe it. Since going on the program, I've had doctors tell me I'm addicted and go through withdrawals when I run out. However, I've had this illness decades before going on pain management. I watch these videos to see if my symptoms are similar. They are not. All I experience is intense pain. It's as if my skin is blistered. I feel like I have welts over my entire body, like I'm wrapped up in barbed wire, like I've been beat up with a baseball bat. My body feels like it is contracting. I have no sweats, no irritability, no diarrhea, just pain. Also, my b.p. goes through the roof. (220/110) B.P. meds don't work. When I take my pain meds, I don't get a significant euphoria feeling from it. I just feel my pain go away. I don't think about the meds, or the high, just the pain. My problem is with chronic pain (Neuro-transmitter/receptor issue.) My pain system is fried. If I were to be denied my pain meds, I would be dead from a heart-attack or stroke within months. (I've already had 2 heart attacks and several mini-strokes. Thank you so much for the video.

  3. You guys are FUCKIN AWWWSOOME…. I'm about to quit H… And OMG.. I have no support from my family or friends.. cuz they don't understand.. I'm trying to sign up for rehab.. hopefully it works…

  4. made a comment on your 33 day video but feel I should comment here too. I'm an old lady not an addict but in 2005 dr. got me hooked on oxy in 7 days. I got off it fast. Last 3 days was a mess for me. Two thumbs up for you both and a ton of prayers. Now I have a new friend that is hooked bad on Heroin so I'm doing a lot of research. I found out that China has been dealing with heroin addiction for over 200 years and they have some herb formulas that seem to work as good or better than the drugs from rehab. First one is U'finer-helps repair the damage addiction does to the brain. Next is WeiniCom-helps with withdrawal signs, cravings, and adverse effects of detox. These two are being tested in the US and results are very good. The Third one is TAi-Kang-Ning- helps with moderate to acute detox symptoms . You can find U'finer and WeiniCom at https://www.wayoflifemed.com, but I cannot find where to get the Tai-kang-ning. Please do not take my work for these herbs do the research. I have not found any place that says they are addictive like the drugs from rehab. However they do have some side effects. Again do the research.

  5. whats up guys been a fan of ur vids for a while just want to show some love and thanks to u and ur bro..also got a question for the comment section… i just waited 72 full hours from my last use of H..which im sure had to be fentynl or something and took a piece of sub and got super sick again with precipitated wd..ive been tryin desperately to get back on the subs have waited 24, 36, now 72 hours and precipitated wd everytime..i could only tough this one out for a couple hours then caved and copped some bags..now i feel much better but still not great and im afraid for tomorrow. idk if i should try to take a sub again tomorrow or wait it out..in the past when this has happened i did the same thing and took a sub the next day and was ok…plus the bags i got today were diff than the ones i was binging on for months that im convinced were fent..never thought it would be this hard just to get back on subs WTF anyone got any advice???

  6. I got 31 days clean time off a 15 year battle with this disease..i went cold turkey on Nov 26.. and I know it's not over yet and this is jst the beginning… but it's a beginning that I never would have thought that I would have been in… I do know that this will stick with me for the rest of my life.. but it's up to me and my support to not fall in this trap again.. definitely one of the worst things I've ever done but so beautiful at the same time..I'm tired man.. I've lost everything got it back lost it again.. jails, rehabs, funerals.. I've hit rock bottom bounced up and hit it again so many times but no matter what nothing came before my drug… I think I'm ready and have enough energy to start going to the groups and being open-minded to whatever..My wife deserves this my children deserve this and most of all I deserve this…i will succeed..never lose hope people…be ready…… choose life..💙

  7. Hey Derek I love the content lately! For any of your followers interested in suboxone talk, check out my channel. I have tapered down for a year and I’m jumping off subs in 3 days. Lots of videos about suboxone and my experience with it. I look forward to Kurts channel and also that chat room you linked. 2019 is going to be a hell of a year for all that have worked hard for their sobriety! Let’s DO THIS…. 👍💪 god bless you brother!

  8. For anyone else who is reading this… Stay strong.. Stare that demon in the eyes as you kick his butt.. Don't stop.. It may feel like a lifetime but keep moving forward.. You will come out as the winner.. God will be by your side.

  9. Yep….Opiates are great until they aren’t great anymore and suddenly becomes a ball and chain holding you in the deepest, darkest pits of Hell! Restless legs my ass, it was Restless body for many days on end. And the pain, anxiety, nerves on fire, SLEEPLESSNESS and nausea…it is indescribable suffering, ugh!
    I agree with Kurt….I’d rather break a bunch of ribs again, have my wisdoms teeth pulled again AND have my appendix rupture again (all at once) versus dealing with withdrawals again…..seriously

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