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  1. Kurt you look so healthy don't worry the baby will get use to you, spend time with her and love her. You're so amazing Kurt you are doing this!
    I'm proud of you and my family and I are still praying for you..
    ☺ 💕 💪 XOXOX

  2. You guys remind me so much of Ryan, you are both sooo real n relatable it’s such a blessing for us regular folks out here! I don’t know if both of you realize how much u are helping people out here! Even when u talk about relapse it helps us because we have all been there! I’m very low key n private about my life n struggles but you both inspire me n I’m sure many many others! Not getting into religion but u guys are doing God’s work too! Thank u for these videos God bless u both n your families!

  3. AMAZING NEWS !! So glad to see Kurt smiling. Can anyone tell me if they beat Heroin addiction after 21 years of using Im really struggling x

  4. Love it lads 3 vids in 2 days now that's a christmas present!! Kurt needs to make a channel just look at how many people your bros channel has helped and is helping, that's gonna be you aswell if you make one and recovery is all about other people, it's what helps us escape our addictions by paying it forward and not focusing inwards so much.

  5. Silent observer here. I've been watching since your first video. This so hits home. I have 35 year old twin addicts. One has been to 5 rehabs. The one hes in now he has been there 8 months! He's left twice and doesn't pass drug testing. They keep taking him back. Which I'm not sure how I feel about. But he can no longer be at any families houses and lost his wife and 2 children. He just doesn't stop. I'd send him this video but I feel it's to triggering. Dereck, you said in a few videos back that you already got his Christmas gift and you paid with your hard earned money. But back to the point. Kurt, kurt, go ahead a feel like crap because this has hurt a lot of people. So hurt. That's a good sign. Feeling. You've got some feeling back! Go ahead, feel bad. You're family feels bad. You should too. Now do something to make things better. Your words mean nothing, but your actions say it all. You can do this! You can. Why can't you? I told my son the other day, he may not be the same, he can be better. And do can you. Theres places you can go that dont charge. The farm in fort Collins Colorado or Justin's place in Florida. Florida does have $1000 sign in fee but they will wave that need be. But these places are serious. You fail drug testing you're out of the program. They help you get back on track. With getting a job and managing your money and any attorney stuff you may need. I don't know what you need to work for you but I'm happy to help if need be. Now, I'm late for work. Lol. You got this boy.

  6. I'm on 6 mg Suboxone, struggling to wean down because I figure why not take more if it makes me feel better, that is the mentality that is keeping me in the Suboxone jail. Even though taking 6mg gives me about an hour maybe an hour and a half of feeling somewhat normal to pretty happy and then I'm just down for the rest of the day until the next day when I dose and the cycle repeats. I will get off Suboxone and soon I promise you guys that

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  8. I just signed up for your patreon. I love what you are doing. I stumbled across your page back in july 2017, laying in bed miserable from opiate withdrawal, watched your early vids over and over. Was so happy to get to watch you gain more and more clean time. I swear, you helped me so much back then. And I have been clean ever since. I have never signed up for anyones patreon but I believe in you and think it is the least I can do to show my gratitude. I wish I had more to give to you but, after all im still working on learning how to adult. Merry Christmas guys. -Kristen

  9. When I get my first paycheck bro, I got you with a donation to become a patreon on your channel. I support you and the long way you have come from true hell.

  10. If he doesn't get more serious and dedicate every single breathing moment of his life to rehab and re-learning how to function without chemicals, he'll be back on dope by the end of January. He STILL doesn't get what it's going to take for him (not anyone else) to stay clean. Kurt always knows what to say to make it sound like he's serious "this time" and maybe he wants to mean it, but there's a reason only around 2% of heroin/opiate addicts are able to get clean and remain clean. Mark my words…. IF he survives 2019, he won't do it being clean if he doesn't wake the F up and drastically alter every aspect of his life.

  11. Utilize your brother Kurt. Try to Remain accountable to him while your vulnerable. The first 6 months are the hardest. Take advantage of him being available to you as a sober coach. It seems like he wants to help.

  12. Like Derek said, you have to remember the times you were down and were that shit gets you as hard as it is when you are feeling like you want to use. Why lose all those days for a day or two… IF you make it through that time without ODing and dying. The last couple times I used I was a raging bitch. Irritated as hell, regretting I even wasted my time money and energy- then the disappointment on the faces of those who stick by me… forget it.. Smoke; kratom; anything is btr then dying

  13. My Christmas Guys. Im struggling and using and planning on getting clean soon but the battle in my mind is heavy and i relate os hard to what you guys are going through. Shits hard and real !!! your all in this together, peace and love from Canada ! Merry Christmas.

  14. You can do this Kurt! Kurt the baby will get used to you. Don't sweat it.you are loved regardless of your problems. It's ok. We all have them.keep going dude. Minute by minute 💚💚💚💚

  15. My advice to Kurt as a mama is Stay Scared! That stuff will ruin brain cells, destroy your life, tear down your relationships, cause everyone not to trust you, make you want to be alone all the time, need the darkness, and eventually kill you. Stay scared…and away from it. All. I believe in you. Look at Derek. He did it. Several times, but this one stuck. So far. Tomorrow’s are only a theory, not a given.

  16. Don’t let the experiences you’re having overwhelm you Kurt. I know that even positive experiences early on can make one feel unable to cope. It’s nuts! There will be an empty feeling because you’ve chosen to drop all the drugs that were your “comfort” for the longest time. There’s that inevitable sense of loss. Your coping mechanisms need a lot of work. Chris Harren (ex nba player), in one of his recovery speeches, shared that after being clean for 30 days, he asked to be allowed to leave the treatment center he was in to be present for the birth of his 3rd child. It would be the first birth he witnessed as a sober man. He made it. He was there as his baby took his first Earthly breath. He held his new son for hours when all of a sudden he said the moment was “too big” for him. Chris excused himself for a walk, but instead hit up a liquor store and bought two pints of vodka. He immediately called his dealer, who then picked him up. He was doing heroin less than 24 hours of being out. He eventually went back to the hospital and his wife told him this was the last time she’d allow him to break their babies’ hearts (his two other kids; 9 year old boy and 6 year old daughter were there). She asked him to leave for good this time. Chris went back to the only place he could, back to the treatment center where one of the counselors told him he’d help him fix this problem with his fam. The counselor threw Chris a phone and said, “you will do the best thing you can do for your family and call your wife and tell her that you are going to play dead from this day forward. She will tell your kids that that day you left that hospital, you died in a car accident because you are a no good junkie who doesn’t deserve their love.” That right there broke Chris. He said he sobbed like a baby went back to his room intent to make this call the next morning, but that night, he dropped to his knees and prayed. He’s been sober from that day forward and he’s able to be present for his kids now. It was an 11 year battle for him, Kurt. The prayer didn’t fix him, it was the work that followed. Know that you’ll continue having moments when you feel so fucking depressed for the things you did or didn’t do while addicted, but you have to snap the fuck out of the pity party. Fight! Fight with all your might bro. Drop the ego and stay humble. You can’t take a single one because it will NEVER be enough. We’re balls to the wall bro. All or nothing. You are a great brother D. I can see just how happy and hopeful you are for Kurt. Embrace the love. Let it take the place of the bullshit that was holding you down. Merry Christmas.

  17. There’s a guy on Utube. He was homeless and addicted to heroin. Now he’s a millionaire!!! He owns his own gym and he teaches Cross Fit. He and his best friend run a Channel on Utube about addiction and exercise. It’s name is Project Unbroken. If Kurt doesn’t want to go to meetings, maybe getting into Cross Fit would help. I just want both of you to be well and happy.♥️✌️

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